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The architecture of Los Angeles

الطراز المعماري لمدينة لوس أنجلوس

The architecture of Los Angeles and the way of life of celebrities Los Angeles is strong in its style and design. This includes great architecture. From the early twentieth century to today, the world’s most famous and influential architects have built spectacular buildings, homes, and structures in Los Angeles and Southern California, making the The […]

Plastic construction and architectural movements

البناء التشكيلي والحركات المعمارية

Plastic construction and architectural movements Plastic construction and architectural movements, with the development of construction, new possibilities evolved and their impact appeared on architectural designs. These movements are the product of shared ideas and the convergence of building technologies that open up new possibilities for architecture. From the atomic scale of materials to pre-assembled homes […]

Classification of sustainable buildings

تصنيف المباني المستدامة

Classification of sustainable buildings and identification of the appropriate project There are a variety of sustainable building classification systems that promote health and well-being, although that classification may be somewhat confusing because of the multiple standards, so what is the Classification of sustainable buildings? How can you determine which one is suitable for setting up […]

What materials keep buildings cool

المواد التي تبقي المباني باردة

What materials keep buildings cool What keeps buildings cool, air conditioning is not only expensive; it’s also terrible for the environment. It represents 10% of daily global energy consumption, and the venue cooling in 2016 alone was responsible for 1045 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This number is only expected to increase as the International […]

Cities of the future

الاعتبارات المعمارية التي تشكل مدن المستقبل

Architectural considerations that shape the cities of the future By 2050, the world’s population is expected to exceed 10 billion, making congested cities one of the most pressing issues of the day. Data analysis, machine learning, transportation developments, and the rapid development of new social technologies are increasingly changing the needs of people and societies, […]

Housing construction tips and advice

نصائح للحد من مشاكل وأخطاء إنشاء مسكن

Housing construction tips and advice Owning a home is one of the factors of stability and safety in the breath, and everyone tends to search for a home that suits his own way of living. Whether the method of dividing and distributing rooms, interior spaces, or even the shape of the building, therefore the most […]

The most common kitchen materials in use

مواد المطبخ الأكثر شيوعا في الاستخدام

The most common kitchen materials and efficient furniture designs save kitchen space The most common kitchen materials, over the past decade, small houses and small apartments have gained a lot of popularity as affordable and environmentally friendly options for modern life. As the compact structure has grown in preference or necessity for many, spatially designed […]

The Twist Museum in Norway

المتحف المجدول في النرويج

The Twist Museum in Norway The Twist Museum in Norway is the first project of its kind in Norway, The Twist, which passes through the meandering river Randelsva, as a suitable bridge installed in the middle, to form a new journey and art piece inside the Kistefos Sculpture Park in Jevnaker, Norway The project forms […]

Sliding doors – pulled

الأبواب المنزلقة، أهميتها واستخداماتها

Sliding doors – pulled Recently, the doors and windows of the residential and commercial buildings were reconfigured to have a new shape with a sliding property, and they have many advantages. They are formed freely, water-resistant, without a frame, and very thin, moderate visibility, where the visibility line in them 1 and 1/8 inch is […]

How to properly design and build a kitchen

كيفية تصميم وبناء المطبخ بشكل صحيح

How to properly design and build a kitchen Before you begin to understand how to design and build a kitchen, the most important thing is to understand how to use the kitchen. This is the primary approach any architect should take. The kitchen cannot be just a leftover space or an area to be determined […]