• Amaala project to protect nature on the planet

Amala Nature Protection Project on Planet Earth, a luxury tourism project located on the northwest coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

the name of the project is inspired by “hope” and the ancient Sanskrit word which means “purity”.

It is a new project launched by the Saudi Public Investment Fund as part of its efforts to expand its investment portfolio,

and it is a tourist destination on the Red Sea coast for recovery, health and treatment.

The project is considered a new type of tourism destination that aims to establish a different form of tourism,

specifically luxury tourism that focuses on recovery, health and treatment, gathering international standards for this type of entertainment in one area.

The project provides facilities and services to guests, and it will be full of arts, culture, fashion, health and sports,

allowing each expatriate to have his own lifestyle that suits him and is consistent with his choices.

It will provide an immersive experience for travelers and residents backed by a strong focus on environmental conservation,

marine life conservation and sustainable practices.

The unique heritage and pristine landscape of Amala will allow travelers to indulge in the finest offerings of health,

art, culture, sports and fitness. Being close to major destinations in the region,

Amala will become the heart of the Middle East Riviera.


Amaala project to protect nature on the planet
Amaala project to protect nature on the planet


  • The site of the “Amala” project

Amala is located on the coast of the Red Sea, within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve in northwestern Saudi Arabia,

and extends over an area of ​​3,800 square kilometers. Its location is in the middle of the city of “Neom” and the Red Sea Tourism Project.

And because this region is characterized by its moderate climate throughout the year,

its central location between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the diversity of its offerings and its heritage and natural attractions,

it was chosen as the site of the “Amala” project.


Amaala project to protect nature on the planet
Amaala project to protect nature on the planet


  • Advantages of the “Amala” project

It is characterized by its attractive atmosphere that makes its competition for global entertainment destinations strong,

its moderate climate and its geographical location that is easily accessible from the surrounding markets.

It also features three main pillars that make it a comprehensive location: health, wellness, sports, art and culture, and the lifestyle of the surrounding atmosphere.

The project site allows guests to visit amazing historical sites such as “Mada’in Saleh” and “Al-Ula”, in addition to exploring the unique coral reefs.

It will also host a marina to attract cruises throughout the year, making it a destination for cruise lovers.


Amaala project to protect nature on the planet
Amaala project to protect nature on the planet


  • Goals of the “Amala” project

The project aims to create 2,500 luxurious hotel rooms and suites, 700 villas and apartments, in addition to 200 high-end stores,

and a group of distinguished galleries, galleries, craft workshops, and bespoke retail outlets,

as well as a group of distinguished international and local restaurants and cafes. 2028.

The award-winning British design and architecture firm, Foster & Partners, will work as an architectural advisor for the development of the Amala project,

as its continued commitment to sustainability and green projects is in line with the project’s spirit and commitment to carbon neutrality from its first day of operation,

as the project builders strive to build a coastal oasis that elevates the role of Responsible tourism in the world.

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