Architectural design is a social responsibility

Architectural design social responsibility – the architectural design of any city or any country indicates the extent of its progress; but this does not mean deleting the identity of the city or state with modern designs, but rather merging the heritage with civilization to be proud of the past and proud of the future.

Architectural design is a social responsibility

Heritage Architectural Design

التصميم المعماري مسؤولية إجتماعية - Architectural design is a social responsibility

  • Each period of time throughout history is characterized by architectural designs indicating how life is in the village, city, or even the whole country, and these tell us the extent of progress or delay in the city, and the extent of their interest in art and their innovation in it, since architectural design is a social responsibility.
  • Looking at the remains of the ancient cities, we find that the cities were surrounded by high and strong walls to protect the city from the attacks of their neighbors or their enemies, the city had a large palace of the ruler, and a place of worship if it was a mosque, church or temple, and the city market and administration centers, all of them were located in the city center
  • Then neighborhoods branched and narrow streets filled with homes and shops, and each neighborhood was characterized by a certain burning if it was carpentry, blacksmithing, sewing and shoe repair.
  • The homes of the residents were their homes, warehouses, and stores, and they also taught people their craft in it, so the house was an economic unit, and it was attached to the house as a garden, and that garden was the place where the people of the house felt comfortable away from their work at home and in commerce.
  • The city began to change due to changing its weak economic activity based on mutual benefit. The person buys the commodity from its product which earns little and aspires to earn a lot to provide the good life that he wants to provide for himself and his family.
  • Houses became housing only, and the shops where crafts were made were replaced by huge factories, and the city was divided into houses for the poor with a simple design and a small size compared to the past, and a new capitalist class emerged and they are the owners of crafts who opened the factories, and their houses indicated the luxury of living and designs of architectural houses were closer to designs The houses of the aristocracy and the ruling class. The houses of the aristocracy increased, and the architectural design was not treated as a social responsibility, but rather as evidence of the wealth of some and the poverty of others.

Modern architectural design

التصميم المعماري مسؤولية إجتماعية - Architectural design is a social responsibility

  • The city began to develop and its shape began to differ from the previous one, there is no longer a wall to protect it and indicates its unity and strength, and the poor neighborhoods have become characterized by their design without design, as the houses were less than ordinary and have narrow spaces and external facades that do not symbolize the development, and the development became evident on the homes of the rich and rulers.
  • The city has become larger, and includes more people, and has many factories, and administrative facilities have become more and more, restaurants that penetrate the ranks of houses and the lower floors have begun to appear, and the facades of restaurants have a distinctive design for them that gives the city the character of modernity and modernity.
  • The roads in the city began to become wider; to accommodate the population density of the city, and the buildings took new and different designs indicating the development, as the craftsmanship almost disappeared from the cities and became full of companies, offices and factories, and the design of the facility became a reflection of the quality of the work that it does.
  • There is more innovation in architecture and skyscrapers that indicate the extent of development to the point where they make buildings that link the clouds and have great strength to withstand the various weather phenomena appeared when the architectural design became a social responsibility and an important interface.
  • With the advancement of technology in society, we can express it through the architecture of cities that distinguishes it from others. Even if the whole world becomes developed, each city will still have a character that distinguishes it from others, especially if heritage is mixed with civilization.

The moment you enter a city other than your city or a country other than yours, you will see the architecture that shows the extent of urbanization or backwardness of the city; in the architecture faced urbanization and development, and large and large cities became full of different and harmonious architecture as well, and residential buildings became similar and have an external pattern indicating the organization.

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