• Architectural Design on The Water

  • Aquatecture


It is a type of architectural adaptation that is used to mitigate and manage long and short range floods,

and with this classification a water and architectural design can combine to produce dynamic and reliable mitigation solutions.

The German philosopher “Schelling” has cited several times the idea that architecture resembles frozen music but it was,

in fact, a stroke of luck for the dubious translation by Henry Crab Robinson, a contemporary of Schelling,

who reported on Schelling’s ideas to the English-speaking world, giving the term in translation more  Sincerely the expression “petrified music” to give it a more fluid character.

Indeed, this expression was activated, which still harmonizes with the term to this day,

and today, after the spread of complex geometric shapes through easy-to-access computer programs,

they acquired the properties of fluid space and shape, frozen in time, for different reasons than they were during the nineteenth century.

A literal resemblance to the geometry as if the Schelling’s architecture had melted for a while only to be fixed in the liquid state.

This metaphor may be particularly effective when architecture itself deals with water as an element.


  • Changsha Meixihu International Center for Culture and Arts, China


Architectural Design on The Water
Architectural Design on The Water


Recently, a design for the Meixihu International Center for Culture and Arts was unveiled as a large cultural complex located in and along the side of Meixi Lake in Changsha,

a city in southern China, with a population of 7 million.

Three buildings, a theater, a museum of contemporary art and a multipurpose hall are loosely grouped together and connected by a network of paths, streets and squares.

And while each building maintains an identifiable characteristic,

the entire complex appears to be in a fluid state of continuous flow from the water surface to the most magnificent interior spaces as well as the most harmonious interior spaces.



  • Florida Ball House Florida USA


Architectural Design on The Water
Architectural Design on The Water


Designed on a more modest but no less ambitious scale, Dutch firm NL Architects carried out a series of studies for Paul’s house in Del Rey Beach, Florida,

and the term “pool house” was taken literally in the same literal sense.

The design strategy was not to design a house with a swimming pool,

but to create a hybrid mixture of both programs into a single structure so that the pool became the defining element of organizing space and volume,

the three differences on this subject influenced the potential and formal possibilities of the unexpected integration of the program as a generator of the architectural form.


  • The Blue Planet in Copenhagen, Denmark


Architectural Design on The Water
Architectural Design on The Water


Meanwhile, Copenhagen has added its own version of a water-inspired building to the record of contemporary free-form architecture by opening the largest aquarium building in Northern Europe called “Den Blå Planet, The Blue Planet Aquarium”.

The building resembles a spiral rising to a central point of gravity from which the various galleries are organized, and was designed by 3XN Architects.

The building’s volume gradually emerges from the surrounding landscape and water surfaces in constant motion,

and the façade is covered in aluminum to mimic the reflection and color of the surrounding sea,

allowing the metaphor of water to appear again and again in multiple and beautiful ways.

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