Architectural Frank Gehry :

Architectural Frank Gehry: Who was nicknamed the Architectural Icon. “That is still alive”.

Frank Gehry: He is the Canadian-Jewish-American architect of a unique and exceptional nature in the world of architecture only by himself. He does not follow any current attributed to anyone else.

Frank is one of the most important architects in the world where he uses the method of sculpting and organic in his designs, Frank was born in his country called “Toronto” in Canada in 1929 and Frank was creative from a young age, as he was designing imaginary houses and cities using wooden cubes that his grandmother had set for him since Being young and watching him design a lot of things that indicate that he is creative since his childhood.
Frank holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from a University in Los Angeles and a Masters degree in Civil Planning from Harvard University, then after that, he stopped working in the world of engineering and architecture and became more frustrated. Frank returned to Los Angeles again to work with his partners in his companies, as he commissioned his first work with the participation of one of his colleagues in 1957 and he was 28 years old, and his first private projects were located in a city in southern California, where he designed a number of commercial buildings And innovative residential designs.

Frank Gehry’s style:

Frank Gehry has a unique style that cannot be imitated by anyone else as it relies on modernity and simplicity in its design style and the introduction of minerals differently in it.

Some of Frank’s works:

 The same strange designs that caused him to be called the architectural icon:

Marquise Hotel: It is a hotel in the form of a tin heap, which is a design that combines the old world with the modern world and introduces it with multiple colors and the natural interpretation of its shape as a pile of “tin” neglected in the midst of the mountains, but in Frank’s world there is no natural interpretation.

Vitra Museum: This museum is considered the first Frank World works in European countries as it is located in southern Germany and it is a strange design and connects the unlimited movement between the past and the present, but this museum is different from any other work of Frank because he does not use the steel element in his design Significantly.

– Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: This museum takes the form of a spaceship or navy and Frank’s response to the reason why the museum was so designed is that it was designed randomly to curves to reflect light and to give us the nature of the hills and waterfalls in the Basque Country.

– Eisman Museum: This building consists of 4 floors above the ground and two floors underground, and that is an area of ​​85 feet. This museum contains about 20000 pictures. This museum is located at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Pop Culture Museum: This museum is designed for culture only and not for profit in any way, and it offers music of all kinds.

Louis Vuitton Foundation: This institution is considered an architectural masterpiece in Paris as it was designed in modern models and appears in the form of sailboats and made of glass, and Frank worked on designing the facade in a live way, through the use of glass and shades differently.

– Walt Disney Concert Hall: This hall appears from the outside in the form of a group of large audio pumps attached to each other and is a single integrated building part, and an area of ​​about 18 thousand square meters, which is a floor area, the building was designed from the inside to be more comfortable for visitors A music hall with a capacity for about 2,500 visitors was allocated to it, as it contained windows and moving doors around it from all directions overlooking the beautiful parks and gardens that the “Architect Frank” designed to accommodate ceramic works and beautiful sculptures, including sculptures of the architect Frank Gehry’s character.

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