• Study architecture and engineering

Often confusion occurs between architecture and architecture, and many begin to treat the two majors as one major and its graduates perform the same tasks, and this is not true at all.

The two specializations are completely separate in the work and the nature of the study, so the architects and architecture designers are doing a harmonious,

harmonious work integrated together side by side to build the best buildings and design the latest designs.

Here is the difference between architecture and architecture, and how they work

In the past, the architect performed all the tasks of building, starting from designing and following up all construction work,

taking into account the calculations and the building’s ability to accommodate floors and individuals.

Then the urban renaissance arose and the purposes of buildings developed,

and as a result the need for architecture emerged as a single discipline complementary to the work of an architecture designer.

Study architecture and engineering
Study architecture and engineering


  • What is the difference between architecture and architecture?

  • Architecture

  • It depends entirely on the design in terms of the art form.Architecture is a section of the College of Arts that focuses on designing buildings in terms of the external shape,
  • the purpose of the building and determining the internal dimensions.Architecture designers meet with clients to determine the construction cost, purpose, and time required for delivery,
  • and architecture designers are usually keen to achieve the purpose of the building, so that the benefit is returned to its users,
  • whether it is a company, hospital, hotel, or anything else.

  •  Types of architecture

  • Governmental establishments.
  • The role of health care.
  • Educational institutions (schools – universities).
  • Companies, offices and factories.
  • Architectural design for natural phenomena known as landscape.


Study architecture and engineering
Study architecture and engineering


  • Architecture

It is a branch of the College of Engineering that takes into account all aspects of engineering during the construction process,

whether mechanical, electrical, and industrial.

In addition to the accuracy of calculations during the implementation of drawings and designs on the ground,

the engineer designs structural systems and mechanics for construction,

and with the diversity in the purposes of urban structures and technological advancement,

the tasks of architects in designing the fundamentals of technological systems during the construction of the building increased.

Architecture takes into account all engineering standards in the architectural construction, and this is done as follows:

1- The architect is concerned with designing the places designated for the electrical and lighting systems of the building,

while the architectural designer is concerned with the building’s appearance, internally and externally only.

2- The architect has the ability to transfer all mathematical calculations on the ground during construction.

As for the architecture designers, they put the calculations for their drawings only theoretically.

3- The architect takes into consideration the cost of all equipment to implement the project,

while the architecture designer takes into consideration the costs of building materials only.


Study architecture and engineering
Study architecture and engineering


  •  The best universities in the world to study architecture and engineering

1- The University of Belfast in Britain

One of the most important universities in the world, is located in Ireland, in the United Kingdom.

It is characterized by leadership in all architectural fields, and architecture companies prefer graduates of this university and are quick to contract with them,

which made it a destination for many students.

2- The University of Manchester in Britain:

The best universities to study architecture in Europe, and this university studies all fields of architecture education,

and is distinguished by properly preparing its students to be professional architects.

3- The University of Tokyo, Japan

This university is considered one of the most prominent Asian and international universities in the study of architecture engineering,

due to the fact that the Japanese enjoy the great cultural heritage in architecture.

This college contributed to the design of many buildings capable of resisting earthquakes, and a large number of architects have graduated from them.

4- The Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark

Is one of the most important places to study architecture majors in the world, and it is located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

This academy is distinguished by the quality of the education it provides, the great care it provides to the student, and its curriculum is taught in English.

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  •  Engineering universities in Saudi Arabia

1- Prince Muqrin University

It is considered one of the leading universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and includes the College of Engineering and includes 4 departments of Engineering:

1- Architecture

2- Civil Engineering

3- Electrical Engineering

4- Interior design

The study is characterized by the provision of a high level of education that reaches the international levels of education in various scientific disciplines,

especially the engineering specialization with its many branches.

The highest international academic quality standards are adopted in all programs and curricula taught by the university.

The university grants its students professional professional certificates provided by companies expert in various fields that qualify them well,

which opens up broad prospects for them in the local and international labor markets.

 2- Effat University

It is one of the best engineering universities in Saudi Arabia and its vision is based on innovative research,

transfer of knowledge and technology for the benefit of society,

and the graduation of an elite group of qualified cadres at the highest level to meet the needs of the labor market

The study of engineering at Effat University includes 4 departments, they are:

1- Electrical Engineering

2- Computer Engineering

3- Computer Science

4- Information systems

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