• Best ideas for architectural graduation projects

The best ideas for architectural graduation projects are those that depend on putting clear and different touches in drawing their details.

In spite of the different project ideas that are proposed,

It is possible to combine more than one model according to the project,

And among the ideas that are considered current:


Best ideas for architectural graduation projects
Best ideas for architectural graduation projects



A smart residential or industrial city;  It depends on a modern method of construction,

the interconnectedness of the elements, the mechanism of their work and their use without fatigue

A project consisting of a showroom, a hotel, an interior courtyard and a conference hall,

to be linked in a different style; In terms of display and variable movement.

  1. A complex for sports clubs.
  2. City cinema show.
  3. A modern technology center.
  4. A pool of banks
  5. A museum that combines ancient heritage and the way it is presented and displayed in a modern style that attracts the visitor’s attention.
  6. A complex of ministerial buildings.
  7. Future electronics complex.
  8. Chambers of Commerce complex.
  9. The Seventh Art Academy.
  10. Nursing home
  11. Virtual University.
  12. Informatics Academy.
  13. Panorama of Eastern Civilization.
  14. A village for people with special needs.
  15. Astronomy and Space Technology Center.
  16. Complex of Faculties of Arts and Architecture.
  17. Center for Maritime Research and Studies.
  18. Youth Park and Arab Culture.
  19. International Center for Television and Radio Training and Production.
  20. The investment administrative complex.
  21. Museum of aquatic animals.
  22. Academy of Architecture Arts.
  23. Architectural complex.
  24. The space complex.
  25. The Arab Inventors Research Center.
  26. College of Astronomical Research and Space Sciences.
  27. International Schools Complex.
  28. School and kindergarten.
  29. An artificial island.
  30. The Museum of Arab Music.
  31. The Common Arab Trade Market.
  32. Entrepreneurs and Technology Association.


Best ideas for architectural graduation projects
Best ideas for architectural graduation projects
  1. Regional Center for Sustainable Development.
  2. Stock exchange buildings.
  3. Complex for cinemas and theater.
  4. Arab Businessmen Complex.
  5. Solar Energy Research Center.
  6. Entertainment tourist complex.
  7. Military Museum.
  8. Research Center for Renewable Energy Generation.
  9. Stock market for securities.
  10. University city.
  11. An environmental housing complex.
  12. ​​The limitation of intellectual and artistic creations.
  13. United Nations building.
  14. Center for Engineering Studies and Research.
  15. Center for Remote Sensing.
  16. House of Culture and Art.
  17. Arab Culture House.
  18. Arab Parliamentary Union.
  19. House of Literature and Poetry.
  20. Children’s Educational Village.
  21. Heritage Palace and military equipment.
  22. The palace of international conferences and meetings.
  23. National Energy Research Center.
  24. Center for Liberty Arts and Performance.
  25. The Center for Specialized Clinics.
  26. Center for Astronomical Studies and Research.
  27. Engineering Studies and Research Center.
  28. Arab Architects Forum.
  29. Photography club.
  30. The Light Arts Club.
  31. Golf club.
  32. Automobile club.
  33. Western Club for Documentation and Information.
  34. European Cultural Exchange Center.
  35. Nuclear Energy Research Center.
  36. Strategic Studies Research Center.
  37. Engineering Creativity Research Center.
  38. Genetic Sciences Research Center.
  39. Environmental Architecture Counseling Center.
  40. Cosmic Sciences Research Center.
  41. Marine Sciences Research Center.
  42. Economic Business Park.
  43. The Museum of Modern Art.
  44. Museum of Technology Sciences.
  45. The Middle Civilizations Museum.
  46. The Museum of Ancient Architecture.
  47. Museum of Natural Sciences.
  48. Entertainment Media Production City.
  49. Old Cars Museum.
  50. The Museum of Arabic Calligraphy.
  51. The Arabic Language Academy.
  52. Center for Photovoltaic Technologies.
  53. Therapy tourist resort.
  54. The headquarters of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
  55. Exhibition and Plant Research Center.
  56. Children’s Talents Development Center.
  57. Center for Contemporary Art.
  58. Earthquake and Volcanology Monitoring Center.
  59. Arab-European Cultural Center.
  60. Industrial Design Center.
  61. The Unified Arab Media Center.
  62. Bio-Waste Research Center.
  63. Ground Energy Research Center.
  64. World Media Center.
  65. Historical park.
  66. The League of Arab States

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