What is the digital design process :

What is the digital design process? : The employment of digital technology in contemporary architecture provided new possibilities in terms of creating shape and design of structural structures and means of producing components and construction, in addition to providing capabilities to test the performance of architecture.

As a result, new relationships arose between the architectural form and its structural structure.

It varied according to the different digital models chosen at the beginning of the computerization process and the different digital settings entered for the programs chosen by the designer.

The use of digital software in architecture was reflected in the facades of the building in the appearance or disappearance of the tectonic value.


In light of this, the research problem was:

The need to define ways to generate the shape and its relationship to the structure in digital architecture.
Its effect on the availability of the tectonic value in the digital patterns of the interfaces.

His hypothesis was defined in:

The determination of the methods of generating the shape and its relationship to the structure in digital architecture is a factor influencing the availability or unavailability of tectonic value in the numerical patterns of facades.

The research objective is defined in:

Determine the methods of generating the shape and its relationship to the structure in digital architecture.
Its effect on the availability or unavailability of the tectonic value in the digital patterns of the interfaces.

The research follows a five-step methodology:

First: classification of design processes in digital architecture.

Second: Defining the processes of the digital structural design.

Third: Studying the effect of the relationship between the architectural design and the structural design of the building.

Fourth: Study the role of tectonic patterns in architectural facades.

Fifth: Analysis of the impact of the type of digital design processes and the relationship between architectural design and structural design of the building.

This is done by examining the value of the tectonic in the chosen study cases.


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The research found that the integrative digital process in the design of the structural shape and structure may not provide the value of tectonic value in the interface patterns.


It also depends on the type of interface design process as well, and whether it is included or not included in the digital design process for the shape or structure, or both.

As we mentioned before, digital design is:

Digital design is a science that specializes in electronic circuits. These circuits are used to design systems in many devices, such as:

  • Digital Computers.
  • Electronic Calculators.

It is also used in digital communication equipment and many other applications.


The components used in electronic circuits:


  • The presence of electrical resistors in various forms, including fixed-value and variable-value resistors.
  • Constant resistors are available in many sizes, depending on the electrical power of each resistance.
  • The electric power is the product of the current passing by the resistance in the difference in voltage on the resistance.
  • Note that the electrical resistance is measured in ohms.


Capacitors capacitors:

  • Electrical capacitors are found in many forms, including the constant value and the variable, and they are classified in many ways.
  • It is classified according to the potential difference it can withstand, or according to the method of manufacture.
  • The capacitor is an electronic component that is used in electrical and electronic circuits.
  • Its function is to control the flow of electrical charges in the electronic circuit.


Integrated Circuits, ICs:

  • Electronic chips are used in most electronic circuits because they are characterized by being small, cheap and reliable in many circumstances.
  • Also, one of the advantages of most of these chips is that they consume little electrical power.

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