Benefits of applying Saudi building code and building codes in general :

Benefits of applying Saudi building code, The Saudi Building Code is the set of requirements, requirements, and related regulations, regulations, and annexes related to building and construction to ensure public safety and health, in implementation of Saudi Cabinet Resolution No. (279) and date of 11/8/1425 AH approving the general framework of the Saudi Building Code and then outputting the code into two main classifications They :

First: Requirements, symbolized by letters (KPS):

and include the minimum required engineering standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance that have been devised and formulated in accordance with the requirements and regulations in force in the Kingdom.

The second: Requirements, symbolized by letters (S.B.CC):

and they include design details and construction methods.


Structural Requirements and Requirements, This section is concerned with loads, power calculation and structural design inputs for buildings and installations according to the requirements and requirements for different building materials: –
1- Structural designs.
2- Structural tests and checks.
3- Soil, foundations and retaining walls.
4- Safety needs during construction.
5- Concrete structures.
6- Building with bricks and bricks.
7- Steel structures.


Within the framework of what the National Committee for the Saudi Building Code does in preparing the code and developing the systems used in construction and construction and determining the basic requirements for safety, the committee held many conferences, seminars, and workshops with the aim of defining the requirements and requirements of the code and its role in the safety of facilities and the protection of lives and property. Working papers about the code in many conferences and symposia, as well as participating in many exhibitions specialized in the field of construction to introduce the requirements and requirements that the code includes and highlight its benefits in serving the homeland and citizens, in addition to publishing a code (Code B Naa Al-Saudi) to contribute to spreading more awareness of the goals of the code.


Application code: –

1- The requirements and requirements are considered and integrated unit and priority are given to the application of the requirements, then to the requirements, and the most restrictive and more specific condition is applied in the event of differences between the terms of the code.

2- Apply the code to all building and construction works, including design, implementation, operation, maintenance, demolition, modification and rehabilitation of buildings and facilities.

3- It is necessary for engineers, inspectors, and monitors working in the field of applying the code to obtain a practice license from an accredited authority.


Architects also stressed that the application of the Saudi building code will save a lot of financial waste in building and construction in the government and private sectors, noting that it is an important civilized step to re-plan cities in a scientific, codified manner, and contributes to and helps in stabilizing the real estate market, and limits exaggeration in the heights, ( Losses and wastage).


Benefits of building code implementation:

The quality of buildings and the increase in their lifespan exceed the consumption of resources. For example, about 70 percent of our consumption of electrical energy goes into the condition of air conditioning that attempts to soften the atmosphere of our burning buildings, even though more than 80 percent of them are not well insulated. This wastes a lot of oil drums just for the sake of leniency in isolation, and this waste is harmful to the owner of the house and all the countries.

In order to facilitate the process of adherence to the building code, it is necessary to qualify labor as well as prevent the import and manufacture of infringing building materials.


Qualification of employment:

where it can only work by obtaining professional certificates and licenses to practice the work, which will raise the quality of its work. In addition, it will facilitate the process of following up on the actions of each worker and tracking errors if they happen in the future, so that each worker will bear the consequences of his default. Also, it is not logical that building code requirements recommend specific quality for taps, wires or other materials and allow merchants to import fewer quality materials.


In our architectural office (Ibrahim Jawharji Architects) we work to implement the Saudi building code in all our works, whether architectural or construction (building and construction) as well as applying the benefits of building code in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prevents many losses and waste in the various projects of our architectural office.

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