Success Elements of Landscape Design

Who does not care about the green area surrounding his home or workplace? In fact, the land scape is one of the most important aesthetic architectural designs that show the facility in the most beautiful and brightest image that reflects the ingenuity of the architect, who is designed to form spaces and transform them into an artistic masterpiece. The first thing that people see when they visit buildings, whether commercial or private, is their attractiveness and landscape. In this article we will talk about the Success Elements of Landscape Design

How to design land scape?

The design begins with the creation of a general plan for the natural scenes with a broad view of the project area (the shape of the land and its dimensions) and is called surveying works.

It is worth noting that land scape is divided into:

  • Hard scape: It includes everything the engineer creates, such as lighting, leveling, industrial waterfalls, fountains, electricity, and various irrigation methods.
  • Softscape: It is everything related to cultivation of different flowers, shrubs and plants

Usually engineers in the field of landscaping work in several disciplines in the field of engineering such as civil, architectural, electrical engineer, electromechanical engineer, and area, agriculture and irrigation engineers and technical offices participate with them.

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Success Elements of Landscape Design

To ensure the success of the land scape design, in 2015 Collin talked about the five best land scape improvements that add value to engineering work and are considered elements of design success:

First – Plants:

Choosing the colors of local or dark green plants and their consistency in form, size and texture create a visual interest in the area so that visitors feel more welcome and comfortable.

Trees also like Live Oaks and Cedar Elm create shaded areas where people can avoid sunlight and enjoy the spaces, which is especially cool in summer.

Second – walking paths:

  • For the visitors of the place to enjoy the natural scenery that was added around the buildings and properties, it is good to fill in the blanks of the ground, such as creating a suitable ground cover either from the grass or asphalt, then there are sidewalks and walkways for walking. Reducing unwanted traffic sometimes in grass areas.

A variety of materials – such as mulches, river rocks or decomposed granite – can be used to create walking paths. These come in a variety of colors that can increase the aesthetic character of the landscape.

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Third – common areas:

It means providing children’s play areas, hammocks and patios to sit with, adding any furniture in the garden, wooden or cement, in harmony with the general idea of design in attractive corners.

It is important to give an aesthetic environment to the place where we work, as many people spend enough time sitting in their jobs, so we want to give them an external outlet. To help people stay active, sports areas such as volleyball and basketball courts can be installed.

Fourth – Landscape lighting:

It’s nice that the scene is rendered out with all the natural improvements made with lighting, making the land scape usable all day.

The quality of the lighting used can be distinguished in all details of the design. The lighting of walking paths differs from water lighting or those that are placed in plants, seating areas, patios and around trees, and they often use steel LED lamps of different sizes and lighting colors.

Fifth – Irrigation systems:

Brown spots caused by dry grass leave a mostly troublesome sight, in order to maintain green grass in a sustainable and healthy manner. Attention is required to install the irrigation system, and follow modern irrigation systems that give an aesthetic view in addition to the task of irrigation.

The addition of these five features to the landscape landscape gives a great return on investment and keeps its occupants happy. There are some modern additions that add sophisticated touches and a high level of beauty, such as adding rocks of various shapes and making waterways, slopes or columns, taking into consideration Colors and their consistency, as well as an understanding of design trends to understand how the sun and shadows can change the landscape. The engineer must avoid the exaggeration and complexity of the colors and movements. If the garden area is small, he will be satisfied with specific types of plants and fewer colors, because the main goal of the land scape is the comfort and calmness of the project’s outputs. Likewise, the idea of ​​design should be appropriate to the scenery surrounding the garden and try to include it in the idea .. For example, if there is a large river near the park, it is not necessary in coordination to create an industrial pool, but merge the garden with the surrounding landscape without prejudice to the elements of proportionality, unity and simplicity.

Landscaping and preserving well will show people the level of dedication to the property. And the first impression is the most important, so the interest in the land scape of facilities needs to be impressive.

It is worth noting that the office of INJ (Ibrahim Joharji Architects) provides landscape design and maintenance services for land scape for private and public establishments, and is keen on implementing modern quality standards according to the latest high-end and attractive designs that are suitable with all public and private institutions, and our architectural office also implements and designs architectural projects Civil and also these features will not be found in many architectural offices, but in our architectural office you will find many things that will motivate you to choose our office to implement your project or your home and other works that we strive and strive to implement to the fullest extent. And befitting our great reputation and befitting our actions that have been implemented and that will be implemented in the near future.

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