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Correct Architectural Design Prevents Maintenance in Buildings

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Correct Architectural Design Prevents Maintenance in Buildings - التصميم المعماري الصحيح

The correct architectural design of the building must be a combination of aesthetics and practicality means art and science.

Some elements of the design process might require more creativity than others. The initial phases of the design plan, when you are evaluating constraints, possibilities, and developed concepts, require creativity. It is just a part of your building project revolving around designing and implementation.

However, you have to be active in every aspect of your design process. You must know the phases of planning a correct architectural design to prevent future maintenance.

So, without further ado, educate yourself regarding these phases.

· Architectural Design Programming

Architectural programming is an in-depth and systematic analysis of the interrelated facts, aims, values, requirements of your clients and the local community. An efficient program prompts high-quality design and prevents building maintenance.

Architectural programming is when you meet your architect to analyze all your needs regarding the building design plan. While programming, your designer will get information about your building site. At this phase, the architect and owner start building a cohesive link and a common idea regarding the final look.

Here it defines the features, scope, functionality, and purpose of your building. Along with your architect, you will build and refine a project vision. The architect leads you throughout the entire programming phase to assist you in exploring the requirements of people using that particular place.

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· Schematic Architectural Design

The schematic design phase starts once you determine the project requirements from the programming phase. Your architect shapes your project vision via drawings or sketches.  The architect gives a primary analysis of the schedule, program, budget decided in the programming phase. Then he prepares schematic design sketches outlining the project to review with the building owner.

The design plan presents the program on the site. Then decide the construction schedule and budget specifications. Your contribution regarding this phase is essential. Because you will get the first impression, then a detailed view of how your building looks. In this phase, it is necessary to create a simple construction process with the assistance of your architect.

Sketches at this phase are enough to initiate any review process. If you are working with constructors in this process, they will demonstrate a rough estimate of construction cost. Try to choose the builders early in this process.

· Architectural Design Development

The architectural design development is a sensible augmentation of a schematic design plan. In this stage, the architect will interpret your project design from the collection of ideas to physical structure. Tasks of architectural design development on the approved schematic plan to reach completion level ensure the building construction is possible. Your architect builds a detailed schematic plan using the information gathered from team members and consultants.

Throughout this phase, you must analyze how systems, preliminary structure, material selection, detailing affect the schematic design. The design group deals with the coordination issues while upgrading the project. So, it prevents complex revisions during building documentation or construction. Now, your designer will get ready to check the floor plans and building elevations for review and approval process.

It is a thrilling part of the project where dreams get fully explored into the three-dimensional type. Even though your association will require some time, working with your architect must be a fun experience. Audit your plans regarding practical implementation at various points.

Investing significant time in evaluating the project design plan during the interaction phases will save you time and cost in the future. As an alert, changes made after this phase may result in extra charges. Whenever development has started, changes made to the plan will be expensive. So, be alert and express your points before every phase of the design plan.

· Construction Sketches or Drawings

Proceeding with the design plan, the architect makes drawings reasonable for submittal and development. These drawings are a source of explaining the task to the individuals engaged in the development of your building. This phase sets the parameters for the construction process.

Your architect delivers these drawings to brief the parts of the building. It incorporates remaining adjustments and starting primary evaluation regarding building architecture. During this stage, the architect interacts with experts ensuring a facilitated set for development.

Reducing or Eliminating Building Maintenance

Building maintenance incorporates a lot of tasks relying upon the specific business or association. It adds a variety of behind-the-scene tasks to guarantee that a building or facility remains comfortable and functional for its clients.

The architects must focus on the design and construction phases to ensure the sustainability of buildings. So, you must eliminate the aspects leading towards the building maintenance by actively participating in each designing stage. Make sure to complete one phase perfectly before going to the next one.

Final Words about the correct architectural design

The architectural design plan is a creative problem-solving technique. It is an approach that converts ideas into the three-dimensional reality of your building. It is a fun journey. After the design process completion, you will be ready to start constructing your building. Now, the involvement of your architect will vary. It depends on who you are working with and what you have recently decided.

Remember, open communication and mutual effort of both you and your architect will ensure the success of your project. Plus, you should be active in each designing phase to have a correct architectural design; because it prevents all future maintenance.

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