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Five ways architects are changing the way we live in the world

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خمس طرق يغير بها المعماريون الطريقة التي نعيش بها في العالم | Five ways architects are changing the way we live in the world

Are you tired of being the same age, the same age? Are you ready for a change? A completely new trend? A career that would really rock your world?

You want something creative…but practical. My theory…but my work. One where you can oversee every part of the process rather than hand it over to someone else.

Something that makes a difference in people’s lives and positively affects the planet?

Reason #1: You will leave a lasting impression

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Acropolis, Empire State Building, and Sydney Opera House. There is no other craft or profession where something you’ve dreamed of out of nothing, planned on paper and overseen in construction, can still be around hundreds or even thousands of years later.

Reason #2: You put spaces in our lives… and life in our spaces

By creating the landscapes of our cities, towns, and suburbs, architects build the frameworks for our lives.

The rooms, connections, and functions in the homes, offices, and buildings they design dictate how we move and operate within that space. It affects who we meet at work, how many people we live within our home, who we live next door to, and who we communicate with.

Reason #3: Because you want to be the change

It is the architects who will enable society to make real progress towards sustainable living. With smart design and new systems, they will work to find the best way to integrate alternative energy, energy efficiency, recycling, waste minimization, water management and more into our homes and workplaces.

Reason #4: Once you know the rules, you have to break them

Architects are rewarded for thinking outside the box, defying rules, and doing things differently.

The goal of the game is to unleash the imagination – pushing the boundaries to create structures and shapes that no one has ever seen.

Reason #5: Architects bring dreams to life

Architecture is not just about dreaming and drawing sketches. You can oversee the entire process to see your work being brought to life, literally from the ground up.