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Benefits of Building in the Backyard

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Benefits of Building in the Backyard

What is the definition of a backyard house?

The term “backyard house” implies a lot more than it actually is. It isn’t merely a tiny house in your backyard (though it can be), and it isn’t always as detached from the main house as the name suggests (though it can be).

A backyard house is essentially a fully functional supplementary living unit built on the same lot as a primary residential construction, such as a single-family home or a duplex.

Why Build a Backyard House in the First Place?

Why would you want to build a house in your backyard?

The truth is that the motivations for establishing one are as varied as the families who construct them. Perhaps you want to bring your family closer together, perhaps you need extra space, perhaps you require a specialized place.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a backyard house.

  • The Family That Sticks Together
  • Help Aging Parents
  • The Ideal Residence for a Special Needs Family Member
  • Your Boomerang Children’s Nest
  • Extra Room to Expand

Backyard House Types


Detached units are independent structures that are fully distinct from the main house. They have their own foundations, utility and plumbing hookups, and, in some cases, separate entrances. As a result, they are the most self-sufficient of the four.


Attached conversions are similar to detached conversions, but they share one wall and possibly utility and plumbing hookups with the main apartment. They do, however, always have their own entrances and do not share an internal entrance with the main home.

Interior conversion

Interior conversions, such as an attic or basement apartment, are effectively completely functional flats constructed into your home. This is not to be confused with a guest room; the unit has its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and sleeping area, and is separate from the main house, despite being attached.

Garage conversion

Garage conversions are, as the name suggests, garages that have been converted into residential quarters. Depending on your garage, they can be attached or detached, but they must fulfill all of the same regulations as regular ADUs (utilities, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping space, and living space).

Backyard houses are usually detached, attached, or garage conversion units, as the name implies.

Are you ready to start building your backyard home?

Who says your backyard is simply for the kids to have fun in? It’s the ideal area for your loved ones to settle down these days.

It is our mission to turn your backyard house into a reality.


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