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Laundry and ironing room design to make the most of your space

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Even if you have a small laundry room, you’ll be surprised how much storage space you can add with these simple solutions.

1. Make use of the space between the washer and dryer

This idea is all about taking advantage of the gap between the washer and dryer, it’s a major asset so don’t let it go to waste.

The narrow roller trolley works perfectly to accommodate laundry essentials while being easily accessible.

The cart contains laundry detergent, spot cleaner, bleach, a box of baking soda, mesh bags, and narrow boxes that serve as a trash can for lint and new clothes tags.

To find a rolling cart that fits your space, measure the gap between the washer and dryer and get a cart at least 2 narrower.

So that you have plenty of room to roll it in and out, also check the height gauge to make sure it fits.

2. Use space-saving hangers

The space-saving hangers can be used to easily hold as many clothes as possible, and to hold coats, shoes and other outdoor gear.

3. Keep the ironing board out of the way

If you have a small laundry room, this laundry room storage idea will come in handy. Instead of taking up space in the closet or elsewhere in your home, a simple solution to keep it out of the way when not in use is to use one of the brackets above the door.

And since your ironing board is completely exposed, consider getting a nice cover for it if you don’t already have one.

Another thing to consider if you store your full-size ironing board elsewhere is to keep a tabletop ironing board.

4. Choosing a Ladder Folding Chair

The idea of ​​a foldable ladder chair, for access to the upper shelves, is a great idea, and it can be stored neatly, too.

It folds to just under 2″ wide, so if you have a few extra inches between your washer and dryer and the wall, you can slide it straight into that storage space.

5. Wall-mounted drying rack to free up floor space

A complete drying rack can be placed on the wall in our laundry room due to lack of wall space.

A small pull-out clothes rack can also be added, if you have more wall space you can have an accordion style.

6. Use the foldable laundry basket

The idea of ​​using a foldable laundry basket is good to some extent, you can take care of the order and arrangement of your home by getting a practical laundry basket.

So that it is foldable, for easy storage when not in use, it is like a step stool, you can dispense with it at any time.