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Exterior VS Interior Design – What Are Their Differences

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Exterior VS Interior Design التصميم الخارجي مقابل التصميم الداخلي

The skill of constructing environments that are both visually beautiful and practical is known as interior design. In order to create a place that reflects your personality and lifestyle, you must select the right colors, textures, materials, furniture, lighting, and other components.

Interior design deals with how a building or structure looks and feels within, as opposed to external design, which is focused on how a building or structure looks from the outside.

Let’s examine the key distinctions between external and interior design.

Definitions: Exterior VS Interior Design

Interior Designer

An interior designer focuses on making places where people can enjoy using their bodies, minds, and possessions. Rooms are planned out by interior designers for habitation. They also collaborate closely with other experts such as architects, contractors, and builders to make sure that any adjustments made to a project would benefit all parties.

An interior designer typically has training in both design theory and practice, as well as a degree in architecture, fine arts, graphic design, or another related subject. Certifications and internships are highly important for employers.

On a smaller scale, interior designers create everything from large spaces like hotels to small living areas like kitchens. Their customers range from private individuals who want to decorate a single room to large corporations and universities who require comprehensive renovation plans for the entire office and residential environments.

Exterior Designer 

An individual who works closely with homeowners to ensure that every area of a home, apartment, or place of business looks its best is known as a stylist. Depending on the scope and setting, this could range from wall painting to landscaping.

There is no doubt that homeowners ask a professional in exterior design to help them establish the look and feel of their home or place of business. This involves determining where windows, doors, and other structures, and which finishes are best for a given space.

Some businesses specialize in collaborating with experts in exterior design, including architects or landscape architects. Others use generic contractors and delegate the details to them.


As long as they acquire training in pertinent subjects, both kinds of professions will have similar educational backgrounds. It’s crucial to remember that different schooling for different jobs, though.

A college degree in interior design, for instance, would probably require studying architectural principles. An education in exterior design, on the other hand, would emphasize engineering and construction.

Skills: Exterior VS Interior Design

For both occupations, you can get ready to master new techniques for sketching, color analysis, measuring, and other things. These abilities have various applications depending on the type of job a designer does, though.

People who desire to work in interior design might major in art or architecture. Before transitioning to more conventional positions, interior designers frequently start out as fashion illustrators.

Those who want to work in external design, on the other hand, are more likely to succeed in courses in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction science. Without formal training, it is also feasible to land a job as an independent contractor.


Although it may seem clear, designers of both kinds do a variety of tasks. Your typical interior designer probably performs a wide range of duties. These responsibilities include developing window coverings, designing furniture, and even designing spaces.

Certainly, interior designers produce a wide range of goods for homes. However, a lot of people also use them for their corporate offices. They participate in many of the same activities as exterior designers. They’ll paint the walls, put up the skirting, and put up the fencing. They’ll essentially do anything to improve the appearance of a house or piece of property.

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