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The concept of luxury in modern interior design

The concept of luxury in modern interior design

Modern luxury interior design is a very cool interior style in Singapore because it makes one feel like a king.

However, when we talk about this design style, homeowners often fear that the renovation work will cost them a fortune because of the word “luxury”.

We share with you the elements involved in the modern luxury interior design style, as well as how you can achieve it without spending a lot of money;

Just because it looks expensive doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

The concept of luxury in modern interior design

What is the style of modern luxury interior design?

The modern luxury design style is associated with a high standard of living characterized by sophistication and simplicity, and is inspired by modernity, reflecting a no-fuss approach to life.

Its foundation is the modern design style, an elegant and uncluttered style that began in the late 19th century.

This design style is brought together through a variety of styles, color palettes, furniture arrangements, and decorative details.

While modern luxury interior design may include a variety of rich textures and materials,

However, sometimes a single well-chosen piece of furniture or decor is enough to give a space a luxurious look, for example, a piece of modern art or a statement chair.

Elements of modern luxury interior design

the color

Luxury modern interiors make use of a color palette full of modern colors such as grey, black, white, brown and beige.

In addition to metallic colors such as steel, rose gold, and platinum, and luxurious colors such as red, purple, and teal, as well as in addition to jewel colors such as emerald and topaz colors.

Envisioning the best color scheme for the interior design of your modern luxury home is simple; Start by choosing three of your favorite trendy colors, followed by two luxurious colors, and the number of colors used can be adjusted.

Modern colors will be the primary color palette for your home, while luxurious colors will be used as an accent color.

The concept of luxury in modern interior design


In modern luxury interiors, durable fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk are used, as well as leather,

or other luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin.

A good way to create luxurious-looking homes without spending a lot of money is to take advantage of classic prints

Such as squares, arabesques, and delicate geometric patterns on accent pieces such as curtains,

cushions, rugs, or even chairs and sofas.

Beyond fabrics, modern luxury interior design uses natural elements such as stone,

wood and even concrete to create a bolder, more elegant and unique look.

Natural stones like granite and marble are able to enhance the look of a space,

and wooden pieces are perfect timeless pieces of furniture to incorporate into your home.

Although natural stone and hardwood can be expensive, you can still get a luxurious look with affordable man-made options.

Such as cultured marble and kompacplus.

Although man-made options have a very uniform grain, they are still able to exhibit a similar appearance to natural stone and wood.

Be careful not to use excessive patterns and designs as modern luxury style focuses on an uncluttered environment.


Modern luxury home interior design features mostly clean, straight lines,

with no curves or intricate details used.

Think simple geometric shapes and elegant designs.

When choosing your furniture, focus on finding simple, practical pieces that can fit perfectly into your home’s interior design.

You don’t have to buy a piece of furniture designed in 5 styles;

One with a straight, clean aesthetic will do the job as long as the furniture piece fits your home decor.

Of course, it would be helpful if you could find one of the luxury items at a reasonable price.

Some elements to look for include marble and glass surfaces,

straight lines, glossy finishes, and metallic embellishments.

The concept of luxury in modern interior design

the light

In modern luxury homes, the right lighting must be chosen for the perfect home interior design.

Opt for simple, modern chandeliers or pendant lights, then complete the look with recessed and pin lights for a subtle, dramatic feel.

And to create ambiance by lighting certain areas of your room.

Also, stay away from the traditional lights you see in typical Singaporean homes and go for unique and interesting lighting fixtures for a stylish look.

Note that warm lights are often used in modern luxury interior design style to create a homely and sophisticated atmosphere.

Decorative elements

Finally, complement your modern,

luxurious home by decorating it with simple flower vases, aesthetic display books, or even modern artwork.

Display your paintings or prints in neutral or soft gold frames, or take advantage of decorative elements

Such as polished pebbles, miniature figurines and potted plants with tiny, delicate leaves.

Creating your own modern luxury home can be fun and doesn’t require a lot of money in your pocket.

Remember, the best interior design is the one you love the most.

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