How to appoint the appropriate contractor for the project

How to appoint the appropriate contractor for the project? What is the difference between the contractor and the engineer in project management?


The contractor: is the person who implements the architectural project on the ground, and the contractor is the main reason for the success of the project as it develops the project and runs everything related to it, and the contractor’s success in its work is related to knowing everything that is going on around the profession that is affiliated with it and is able to Determine the appropriate time and place to start implementing the project.


The category of contractors is classified into two types: the main contractor who controls the whole project and is the first and last opinion holder. As for the subcontractor, he is appointed by the main contractor to help him complete the project well and quickly.



The difference between the contractor and the engineer in project management:

The engineer is the person responsible for engineering planning, supervision, and management, who works on studying the plan with the specifications with conformity to the executive works and avoids the expected errors in engineering plans and work to solve them.


As for the contractor, he is the one who carries out the works with high experience, as he has memorized the work method, but he lacks many basic techniques, engineering, and design foundations. Therefore, the contractor is called that his work head is the scientific experience that he acquires from a large number of works.


The contractor starts his work after receiving the designs from the planning engineer and begins working on them under the supervision of the engineers, where he coordinates the plans for all disciplines, including the architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical, and puts the fine details on the drawings and takes approval from the consultant engineer and then begins implementing them on Ground.


Specifications that must be met by the contractor: Above all, honesty and trustworthiness

1- To be able to make decisions in a timely manner.

2- To be an ambitious person and in his character to find adventure love and risk.

3- That he be a real person with an open mind and take all margins into consideration.

4- To be able to integrate into the business environment and what is happening around it.

5- He has specific goals and has the ability to manage time in his work.


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Steps to become a successful contractor:

1- To have a good conscience in your work in order to obtain a good reputation in your construction work environment.

2 – Being very familiar with the basics of the profession, and this is done through a lot of practicing the profession and knowing everything that is used in the work.

3- To hire a number of craftsmen, as they are considered a key factor in the success of the project.

4- Hiring experienced engineers who have the ability to innovate, renew and diversify the designs, in order to be able to meet the needs of customers, and satisfy their different tastes.

5- Choosing a good technical office in order to calculate the project costs.

6- A successful contractor is one who can save costs and benefit from the material used in construction in all its forms, so it is necessary to exploit the waste in other works.

7 – Equipment of high strength and durability should be chosen, as the use of the equipment greatly saves the demand of its workers.

7 – That the contractor is organized in his work and at the time that he determines, as the time work is considered a certificate of trust that follows the contractor in any place he works.

9- Good funding must be found for the start of the project before starting work.

10- The resistor provides products that meet all tastes of customers and that meet their needs and aspirations.

11- The contractor must choose the building materials with high-quality materials in order to avoid any collapses in the buildings after that.


The general contractor is chosen by:

Offering a tender for the project or assigning the project to a specific contractor, after which the general contractor bears the responsibility of the project starting from the date of handing over the site.





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