Al Saud Plaza Mall in Makkah Al Mukarramah

The markets of Mecca, in which the civilization of civilization shined with an unprecedented speed, there were numerous construction projects from hotels, roads, bridges and tunnels to commercial centers and malls .. Architects are racing in the field of creativity to draw the most beautiful paintings of architecture in Makkah and the vicinity of Makkah, the place that recorded the largest shrine In the world in the worship seasons of Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah. Let us know together about the project of Al Saud Plaza Mall in Makkah Al-Mukarramah from A to Z

Designs proposed by the owner

مول سعود بلازا في مكة المكرمة - Saud Plaza Mall in Mecca


مول سعود بلازا في مكة المكرمة - Saud Plaza Mall in Mecca

One of the most prominent architectural designs that speak for themselves and about their distinctiveness is Al Saud Plaza Mall in Makkah Al Mukarramah in the Al Awali neighborhood area, this neighborhood is considered one of the typical neighborhoods in Makkah Al Mukarramah, and it is located southeast of the city of Makkah Al Mukarramah, and is characterized by its strategic location, as it is bounded by the holy feelings to the north From the east, Umm Al-Qura University, and from the west are the central regions, which are near the Grand Mosque.

Beginning of work at Al Saud Plaza Mall

Ibrahim Joharji’s office was contracted as a consultant office to develop the project, which promoted the project, developed its designs and updated it to be innovative and modern.

During the construction phase


Initial proposal for design


The first pictures of the design of Al Saud Plaza Mall showed monotony, repetition, and traditional design in the mall’s exterior structure, but our successor in Ibrahim Joharji’s office wanted to make it of a different nature and qualitative style from the rest of the commercial centers in the region, so we put in our goals a comprehensive survey of the existing ideas and what is Not applicable or applicable, to exclusively create a perfect attractive design that matches the requirements of tenants and clients.

The commercial centers in the vicinity of Makkah Al-Mukarramah were characterized as closed commercial establishments, with different forms and roles that the general character has a portal for entry and vertical floors and a closed perimeter that wraps the shops, so how can Ibrahim Joharji’s office uniquely feature a design that distinguishes its designs from others and leaves a clear imprint on the design of malls Commercial in Makkah and its environs?

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The main idea of ​​Saud Plaza Mall is to enhance the role of the interior courtyard of the site, which is the challenge that the office took to uniquely characterize this in the architectural design of commercial centers. It has taken upon itself to study the nature of the surrounding commercial centers and develop a unique idea represented in Al Saud Plaza, it is a challenge indeed when design resists all The difficult climatic conditions in Makkah of dust, heat, high humidity or drought, Saud Plaza unified the internal environment of the commercial center with the external environment, so he took care of the internal courtyard and socially connected it to the external surroundings of the building. Saud Plaza has its unique mark that it is an open commercial center that includes counting D of commercial and private brands with global shops.

مول سعود بلازا في مكة المكرمة - Saud Plaza Mall in Mecca مول سعود بلازا في مكة المكرمة - Saud Plaza Mall in Mecca


The consultant office Ibrahim Goharji did not rise the project after receiving it from a vacuum, but rather conducted in-depth studies on the ways of its success in light of the new challenge that he created, which is the open commercial center with a brilliant internal courtyard, at first there was a lack of acceptance of the idea, and the responses were negative before Consumers, for their preconceived idea about the general climate of Mecca, but after a survey of the public opinion of customers and consumers and the clarity of the idea they have and analyzing their requirements, the refusal turned into acceptance and passion waiting for the new and distinctive creative structure. The office launched its constructional designs for the first phase of the project, and the design of the facades of Al Saud Plaza Mall, which enables visibility from inside the building to the outside, reinforced the attractive inner courtyard.

With this challenge and after its implementation, Al-Saud Plaza has become one of the best open shopping centers in Mecca and includes administrative offices of various sizes designed with the latest designs of interior decoration, and more than 36 trade shows that include shops of the most famous international brands, cafes and international restaurants that were first found in Mecca, such as Chili’s Restaurant Fuddruckers, Sushi Restaurant, Starbucks Restaurant, which is in the Saud Plaza Mall, is one of its largest branches, and it includes a large section for families, the dip n dip cafe and the Dus Café

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The pace of the construction of the Saud Plasma Mall accelerated immediately after the office of Ibrahim Joharji received the project, so construction began on a rugged rocky land with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. For cars in the basement, and then the advancement of the Al-Saud Plaza building, to highlight the most important feature, which is the huge glass windows along the wall of the facades, and this is what distinguishes its design. Wonderful from the building to the outside while you are at I would like to annihilate it from the inside, knowing that the building was scheduled to be called “Al-Saud Mall”, but after A we studied the market and design, the name was suggested to “Al-Saud Plaza” because there is a large square in the middle

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