Interior design of the children’s room

For children, their room is more than just a place to sleep. It is the place where they do their homework, reading, playing, interacting, dreaming and imagining. Consequently, their room should be planned and designed to serve these purposes. Let us know the interior of the children’s room and what are the basics of this design.

It should be aesthetic, comfortable and consistent with their dreams and ideas. Participating children in this process and helping them choose colors and accessories. Increases their awareness and future horizons

Attractive interiors for the children’s room

Choose color carefully. If a room is to be shared by a brother and sister, the need to incorporate features for boys and girls. Furniture should be appropriate for children’s ages, but it should remain so as they grow. Consequently, cabinets, shelves and drawers must be full-size, and can last throughout school years.

There is a reason why there are bunk beds in many children’s rooms. Kids love climbing up and down and are in the fantasy that they are famous aliens. For each level of bed should have bunk shelves and separate storage for each brother. When the child gets older and wants to go out, the lower bed can be removed and a cabinet built under it for additional storage.

التصميمات الداخلية لغرفة الأطفال - Interior design of the children's room

The perfect room

The biggest mess in the room will be in clothes and toys. Children must learn to hang their clothes and fix pegs on the vertical surfaces of the bunk bed or anywhere else. Designate storage space for children’s toys, textbooks, and clothes. A multi-use study desk is also required to arrange books, stories, study supplies, and even some artifacts and toys for children. Just make sure that the children’s room has all the amenities to meet most childish careers.

When parents think of creating an ideal room for their children. The space where children will spend most of their time should be designed with a lot of thought and planning. While designing a children’s room, it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with the latest trends and decor ideas for the children’s room and furniture. Along with imagination, durability and innovation are other elements that must be included while designing a children’s room.

There are some formulas one has to keep in mind while starting to design and furnish a children’s room. Like color, type of furniture, and versatility, her delicate artwork and subtle collections have appeared in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous design-based magazines.

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a room for your children is to make sure there are elements that stimulate imagination and have a fun atmosphere. It helps children form perceptions, build understanding and interpretations, and develop cognition in a child-friendly environment.

The children’s room must have a multipurpose use so that children can indulge in various activities without having to create a lot of clutter.

التصميمات الداخلية لغرفة الأطفال - Interior design of the children's room

Finishing materials used for Interior design of the children’s room:

Environmentally friendly materials are selected, most of which are natural. It must comply with radiation safety certificates, do not produce unpleasant odors, have a consistent color, and have high wear resistance.

To decorate the walls and if the child loves to paint on the walls, the wall must be washable, but the vinyl breathing is bad. Wallpaper made of bamboo fabric is more expensive but more beautiful. Decorative gypsum-based plaster is better than that without large particles of stone – you can easily get hurt about it, fabric fibers, wood chips and dyes are quite acceptable. The walls are easier to draw and depict various tales of children’s imagination and animation. Some companies sell paints specially designed for children’s rooms.

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It is preferable that the floors of children’s rooms do not help to slide, as it is desirable to put in a soundproof plate because children often have a lot of noise, jumping, running and playing, in this regard, parquet, ceramic tiles are not very suitable, because of its softness and its ability to glide and rarely uses the stone Natural – it is very cold. Kids rooms need a mattress with heavy rugs that don’t move with the kids ’fast movement. The rugs are often warm and soft to play over. The choice of carpets needs to be in the same layout as the room, making sure that the colors tend to darken, with a multiplicity of color tones per piece.

Furniture items should not have sharp corners – preference should be round. Clearly raised knobs in the furniture can also cause damage, because drawers with a special opening are chosen for hand-held or open with a slight pressure. Under the bed children’s storage toys are often provided in sliding partitions.

Convertible furniture is a wardrobe bed, and a loft bed is suitable if there is very little space. During the day, the bed is folded, providing space for play, and under the bed there is an attic equipped with a desk and a sports corner. Current materials for children’s furniture – solid wood, fiberboard, MDF, metal, plywood, plastic.

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