Interior design terms

Interior design terms: Whatever your design you want, the use of a professional decoration design company is a good option that is able to meet your aspirations and transform your desires and ideas in the form of a painting that is identical to what you want on the ground and this is an option that can give you the best decoration in the end, from choosing your floors to Walls and furniture
And the colors, up to the lights, decorations, and wall design, are not only walls but also elegant and good in decoration.


To get the perfect Interior design terms, we have extensive experience in the field of villa design or home design:

1 – Take measurements

The most important thing we take care of is taking your villa measurements and marking them to determine the sizes well and transfer them on a villa planner. This step also includes taking measurements of the different shapes of your furniture pieces to find the ideal position in the villa decor. Because this will help you to obtain the optimal decoration for each corner. In the villa and the display of furniture and collectibles as a basic component of the fundamentals of designing villas inside and outside also Vimal related to accessories and furniture in front of the villas and the accompanying gardens.



2- Determine where is the best place for natural lighting in your villa

We depend on this step to achieve a healthy natural and environmental climate in which every person deserves to live on the face of the globe, because interest in natural lighting outlets anywhere is an important element for engineers designing interior designs for villas and for this we define natural lighting outlets from doors and windows as an essential step for planning The good that mixes natural and artificial lighting Here, our dear client must realize that artificial lighting is a complement to natural lighting and not the other way around, and for this, the most beautiful villa designs are those that take into account the integration between natural and artificial lighting.



3- Plan your interior design

Ibrahim Goharji Company is very interested in providing the best design for your villas, taking advantage of all the ingredients that your villa enjoys, from collectibles, furnishings to even floors. Our interior design, implemented by the best engineers, interior designs for villas puts in your hands the best interiors that extend to things, furniture, and even floors. We choose these items based on the style that inspires your choice of decoration. If you are looking for ideas for designing villas from the inside, you can see the design trends of Ibrahim Goharji, which definitely has something to suit your taste.



4- Select the colors you want to use

Ibrahim Joharji takes into account your own taste in all designs, from the design direction to your favorite colors, and this includes defining the colors that you want to use in every room and corner of your villa.

5 – Coordination between the chosen colors:

It is wonderful to respect all your desires and offer you design on your own taste, but you are aware of our honorable client that the task of design engineers is.


Realizing your desires and aspirations, and coordinating between them and the foundations of decoration, and this is why after selecting your favorite colors, we work to offer the colors and degrees that correspond to them in order to help you imagine yourself in this interior decoration in the future.

It is worth noting that we take into account furniture, curtains, walls, floors, and doors in order to outline and visualize what colors and tones will look like in your space.


6- Place your furniture

Once you create the general décor and agree to implement it and finish it as indicated in the villa plan, the design team will put your furniture to complete the interior design, taking care not to create clutter in the interior of the villas. After all, we think about color balance. For example, setting a picture or rug that can add a more dynamic aspect to your villa than design-free of these distinctive elements. Do not forget that curtains are an important visual factor for these coordinating curtains and upholstery with lighting as well as other materials. Sometimes, we even offer the possibility to change your lighting by using Curtain Tiebacks to create greater vitality and make curtains a complete part of your décor.

7 – Take advantage of unnatural lighting

The lighting plays a very important role in the villas, especially since the light of nature does not last all day and for this, it is inevitable to give priority to the abnormal lighting it gives a special atmosphere and when designing your lighting we try to change the light throughout the rooms to choose the most appropriate lighting that covers the entire area of ​​the place including This includes the ability to add dimmed keys which allow you to adjust the lighting to create different atmospheres according to your mood.



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