How to install security glass for interior spaces

Securite glass installation is used to divide interior spaces and is considered one of the best separators used to divide homes and companies. We will learn how to install security glass for interior spaces

Places and methods of installing security glass:

1- Firstly, It is used as glass separators in offices and companies where it works to pass the light through it so that the work environment becomes more bright and lively, it has resistance to high temperatures and works to absorb noise and has a higher resistance to glass than 4 to 5 times.

The main types of security glass used in making partitions:

  • Reflective tempered Securit glass.
  • Clear tempered security glass.
  • Ultra-clear tempered security glass.
  • Securit glass, scratched or painted in color, chemically treated.
  • Securite, frosted glass, painted or frosted.
  • Familiar Securit Glass.

2 – secondly, Securite glass is used in the work of the internal guardrail, due to the strength, durability, and strength of the security glass, and it gives an opportunity to draw on it and is easy to maintain in the event of breakage and without damage.

3- Third, we use it in the manufacture of ceilings and glass floors, as it is available in many decors for the floor and ceilings found in villas and homes from the inside.

4- Fourth, we use it to make operating rooms that require radiation protection, such as medical rooms.

5- We use it in the manufacture of moving ceilings in the interior.

6- We use Securit glass to make bathrooms in bathrooms.

7 – Stained glass security used in the work of windows, domes, and doors in the entrances to homes, villas and hotels, because of its elegance and luxury in the form.

8- Colored or less transparent Securite glass used in the bathroom shower.

9- The most transparent and transparent security glass used in bathroom mirrors.

10 -Finally,  Securite glass in the work of the cracks, so that it gives a distinctive and attractive shape to it.

– Sizes of glass security end in length up to 3 meters and width up to 2.50 meters

– The thickness of the security glass starts from 0.7 mm to 10 mm.

Many types of Securite glass installation:

  • Intelligent Securite glass that converts from transparent to dark through electronic methods, and has a crystal material that is controlled through a specific operation button.
  • We use Securit Glass to create mirrors used to connect columns and walls as a form of decoration.
  • They are in the form of wires and we use them in places where you need more protection, such as schools.
  • We use securit glass in indoor and outdoor places to allow the passage of light and its transmission and is resistant to collision and breakage, as if it is subjected to a large collision, it is broken into small parts that do not harm people.

Securit glass features:

  1. It passes light through it to create a more enjoyable and vibrant atmosphere in offices and homes.
  2. Securit glass features distinguished for its stiffness, strength, and durability.
  3. It has high-temperature absorption strength and the ability to suddenly cool down.
  4. When the glass hits something, it is broken down into little girl parts so no one is hurt.

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Conditions that we must follow when purchasing and installing safety glass:

  • Ensure the use of the latest equipment in installing glass.
  • Rely on people who specialize in the installation of glass to work properly.
  • The precise size of the glass area.

They divided the safety glass into two types:

  1. Heat Reinforced Glass: It is a type of glass whose tolerance is twice that of ordinary glass and works to reduce the severity of the wind and is unbreakable and shockless.
  2. Toughened glass: The glass produced by heating it using a high temperature of 600 ° C

After we heat up, it suddenly cools down, as this process increases the strength, strength, and toughness of the glass.

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