Car sunshades are important and types

Car sunshades: used to protect cars from sunlight and dust, as it helps cars reduce the energy they need in the cooling process and keeps the car parts from corrosion and damage due to high sunlight.

There are many different types of umbrellas used to protect cars, as they are made from multiple materials such as high-quality fabrics, or they are wooden umbrellas or iron umbrellas.

The importance of Car sunshades:

  1. Car awnings protect:  it from harmful sunlight that can affect the car’s parts negatively and damage the motor from the intense heat of the sun.
  2. The Car sunshades protect the car from dust and intense storms.
  3. Car awnings maintain the car temperature and do not need to be repeatedly cooled.

The Car sunshade features:

  • Car awnings are made of high and durable materials, and solid structures help protect cars well.
  • Car awnings are made according to the customer’s desire and according to the required area.
  • Umbrellas are securely fastened without shafts, to facilitate movement in place.
  • They are available at different rates and suitable for all groups of society, so that they can be easily purchased.
  • There are types of umbrellas that you can control in terms of light transmittance, whether partial or total.
  • Car umbrellas are available in different colors and sizes.
  • Car umbrellas are found on the market in different types and shapes to suit all tastes.

Types of car sunshade:

There are many types and shades of umbrellas, and each shape is suitable for a specific place and area. Among these types:

1-Firstly,  Kabuli car umbrellas:

They are made of PVC or polyethylene materials, as they are the highest density and coverage, and these umbrellas are used in public places, companies and factories, and they are considered the strongest types of umbrellas, the most important and most widespread.

2 – Secondly, car umbrellas in the form of a pyramid:

made from the finest types of fabrics, and these umbrellas are used in private companies, government agencies, banks, villas and homes, which are umbrellas with a beautiful pyramid shape and bear the temperature significantly and are one of the most used types.

3- Thirdly,  Car umbrellas in the form of a cone:

These umbrellas are used in large places, palaces, rest houses, villas and small houses, and are manufactured in Germany and Korea national industries>

And they are in the form of conical domes where the dome rises from the canopy about 3 meters, which is of a unique type in appearance and appearance and differs Their designs depend on the place and the type of shading they are used in.

4- Fourthly, Car umbrellas in an arc shape:

These umbrellas are used in simple places such as houses and villas, as they are of simple decoration that does not distort the view of homes and aesthetic villas, and they are in the form of an arc or a semicircular shape and are made of polyethylene or PVC The most important types used in coverage.

Other types of car umbrellas

5- Car umbrellas in the form of wooden slats:

These umbrellas are used in homes and villas, as they give an aesthetic and elegant appearance, but they are high in cost due to the types of wood used in their manufacture. It is in the form of louvre strips, or as a curved, diagonal or pyramidal shape.

6- Car umbrellas in the form of braided wood:

This type is considered the second option for slice wood, but it is made of plastic so it is less expensive than the other.

It is distinguished by its elegant and attractive shapes.

7- Iron car umbrellas:

it is a strong insulator for all weather factors, whether it is high temperature or heavy rain, and colors.

are available according to the request of the customer and made of the best types of stainless steel.

8- Finally, Mobile car umbrellas: These types of umbrellas are of many disadvantages.

as it is difficult to install them in open places, and they need maintenance on an ongoing basis. But it is unique in being anywhere to keep the car immensely protected from sunlight, rain and dust.

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