Water mixers and cocks, their types, forms and methods of using each type

When finishing your home, you seek to choose the smallest details, in accordance with the general taste of the home, and among these details are sanitary ware in the kitchens or in the bathrooms, or even outside the home such as garden or surfaces and the most important of these sanitary ware are mixers of water, and the mixer represents the means or tool that helps you To control water, in terms of flow velocity, and the mixer helps to mix both hot water with cold water as appropriate to obtain the appropriate temperature for the water, and you must pay attention to the type of mixer and its quality, because you can feel the difference in quality and type during use.

خلاطات المياه والمحابس، أنواعها و أشكالها و طرق استخدام كل نوع - Water mixers and cocks, their types, forms and methods of using each type

Where to install water mixers

خلاطات المياه والمحابس، أنواعها و أشكالها و طرق استخدام كل نوع - Water mixers and cocks, their types, forms and methods of using each type

Shower mixers: There are different types of water mixers, and you can see the difference in altitude difference between each mixer and others, and the shape of the water flow, and the importance of these specifications you feel when using, usually the height and water settings reduce or increase the humid atmosphere surrounding the bathroom after use.

Bidet mixers: It is installed next to the bathroom chair, preferably forms that have an easy structure, so that it is easy to handle.

Washbasin mixers: Washbasin mixers differ depending on the neck length of the part from which the water flows, and the shape of washbasin mixers varies. There is a wall shape, fixed or separate, and the method of opening the water differs either by hand, or by touching by hand.

Bidet mixers: It is installed on top of the bathroom chair, and it has a handle that can be closed and opened through it, and the water flow can be adjusted, as well as the temperature through this handle.

Kitchen mixers: The interest in kitchen water mixers takes a different form, in which the health conditions must be met, the pressure on them in use is more than others in the home, so it must be patient in choosing them because they have an impact on health during long periods of use.

Other types of mixers: sink mixers, special ablution mixers, bathtub mixers, can be ordered and installed separately, or come in bathroom or kitchen sets.

Types of water mixers and methods of use:

Below we present to you the most important types of water mixers with an explanation of how to use them:

Hand blenders:

It is the most widespread, and it works by opening the handle of the water connected to the mixer, and therefore it is used manually, and the hand mixers are either wall-mounted or public basin mixers.

Laser mixers:

It is the latest mixers that exist in the market, and its spread is mainly in America and Europe, and in the most advanced and developed countries in the sale of modern decorative items, and the latest sanitary ware.

The laser mixers are used using the sensor method, and this is because they contain a sensor, where the water flows when the hands are placed under the mixer, the sensor senses and the flow of water automatically, and when you pull hands, the water also stops automatically.

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The best types of water mixers

There are different types of water mixers on the market, but the most prevalent in the global market, the European mixer, the Italian mixer, and the German mixer, and this is due to their great quality, and the types of mixers vary depending on the speed of the water flow and also the noise noise associated with the water flow.

Ideal Standard:

It is considered one of the most widespread water mixers in the countries of the Middle East as well as countries in Europe, and this is due to its distinctiveness and continuous development, as well as long-term mixers, so you find the customer seeks to choose it because of the occurrence of common problems in it.


It is one of the types of mixers commonly used in the countries of the Middle East and Europe, and it is a German type that is characterized by its high quality, but it is more expensive than the previous type.


It is distinguished by its price and quality, as it is suitable for all slices, it is Italian Made, and it is suitable for all slices.


And it is the most prevalent type in the world, and this is due to its continuous updating, in addition to the percentage of copper used in the mixer body that reaches 83%, thus becoming the only plant unique to this ratio.

In the end, the choice of water mixers depends on the possibilities of its work, its quality, and the spread of the type of mixer on the market on the other hand.

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