Digital development in architecture software and methods of digital development

Digital development in architecture, programs and methods of digital development – we live in the midst of a cultural revolution through communications and information technology, we need to redefine the way we communicate, consume and spend our free time, in this age of change, especially in the field of architecture, Technology has contributed to the development of architecture.

What is digital architecture?

ما هي العمارة الرقمية؟ - What is digital architecture?

  • The term “digital” is increasingly used in our daily lives, usually in the field of communication, innovation and technology, and we find that digital televisions, digital cameras and washing are digital.
  • He claims that the majority of architectural projects today can be defined as “digital”, in modern architecture most projects are based on the use of computer programs in the field of architecture and electronic planning.
  • The second aspect refers to the shape of the building, the engineering complexity based on computer-designed projects, digital architecture depends on the free form and curved lines, and that complex engineering can also be developed and represented.
  • Digital architecture helps create a near-real scheme, as only computers are able to represent and manipulate design dimensions.

Evolution of data in digital architecture

  • The definition of digital architecture that started from the mid-nineties, the primary goal of this database was to understand the impact of the digital revolution on practical architectural design in terms of location, building type, budget and other data related to the construction process digital projects.
  • The database was also expected to serve as a tool to investigate and compare design methods used in digital architectural projects.

Development and use of 3D modeling tools

تطوير واستخدام أدوات النمذجة ثلاثية الأبعاد - Development and use of 3D modeling tools

The beginning of the CAD program can be traced back to the early 1960s, and the first program was able to produce simple 2D graphics, but by the end of the 1960s new entities were developing networks such as spots and polygonal networks (Monedero, 1997).

Modeling was also born in the beginning of the sixties, but it is the first important commercial advertisement, which appeared in packages (Romulus, AutoCAD) in the early eighties.

3D modeling relies on equations that determine points on the surface, which generate what are called polygon meshes, and they were very useful in the field of modeling and rendering orthogonal shapes. When used to model curved shapes, polygon meshes produced bad promising results.

In architecture, 3D models are developed mainly through polygon mesh technology, through a solid model or parametric models such as NURBS5.

Most architectural models still use the first technique with solid modeling due to the planar and orthogonal nature of the architectural design.

Development methodology in digital architecture

منهجية التطور في العمارة الرقمية - Development methodology in digital architecture

It is widely recognized that in the late twentieth century, architecture discipline was advancing the use of digital tools and techniques before every other design discipline.

As techniques spread rapidly in architectural design from the late 1980s onwards, changing the path forever.

It is widely recognized that in the late twentieth century, modern architecture quickly spread many techniques in architectural design from the late 1980s, and academies or practices are driving the top of these developments, and as a result there are many developments in this the field.

Digital thinking, tools and techniques are very powerful and very important for all people today and in the future as well, digital in architectural design allows new systems where architectural processes can emerge through close cooperation between humans and machines, where technologies are used to expand capabilities and increase design and construction processes.

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