Housing above the moon

Many of us during his childhood dreamed of housing above the moon, but is this possible? Will the day come when some people leave Earth and decide to dwell on the surface of the moon? Will science evolve until we reach today?

السكن فوق سطح القمر - Housing above the moon

Climbing on the moon

4 billion and a half years ago the moon became dependent on the Earth, and since man’s creation taking the moon for days, and with the development of man and the development of technology around it, he wanted to go to the moon, to explore that celestial body accompanying the Earth, and since man’s rise to the moon fifty years ago, the moon became a center The interest of all the world has increased the passion of scientists to reach ways of living on it.

On Wednesday 16/6/1969, when the first moon flight was ever launched, and was launched by NASA on the flight called “Apollo 11”, that mission had three astronauts, they were Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwan Bazawadeen. All they did on that trip was that they took nearly The two and a half hours to collect different rocks from the surface of the moon, they raised the American flag on the moon.

That was the greatest event for space scientists in the twentieth century. The flight was shown in a live broadcast and was watched by about 600 million people around the world. Meanwhile, while they were on the moon, Neil Armstrong said: “This is a small step for humans, but it is a great leap for mankind.” “.

At the end of their journey there would have been a big problem: running out of fuel, Charles Duke of the Communications Unit of the Command Unit called wirelessly with Neil, and told him the descending tomorrow of him until the landing began before they had to cancel temporarily until they found a solution, but in the last 13 seconds the Neil Armstrong To land safely.

Housing above the moon

After the success of the “Apollo 11” flight and beyond, space scientists considered building a observational station on the moon as they built a station in Antarctica, because of the difficult climate on the moon as well as Antarctica.

Scientists have built a Antarctic station called Neumarey Station and it has been adapted to the surrounding environment; Where they built them on solid and strong pillars that protect the station from any ice drift, and the station is working in the period between the months of November and February and it is considered the summer in Antarctica, and it remains about 60 scientists for observation and research.

When scientists made a comparison between the Earth and the Moon to determine what must be available in the Moon in order for us to live on it, the most important thing that distinguishes the Earth from the Moon is that the Earth has an atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful cosmic rays and from space objects and with certain proportions of gases that enable a person to breathe , While the moon does not have an atmosphere and humans will not be able to breathe on it, so the harmful rays direct to the moon without hindrance and cosmic objects will easily collide with it.

How will we live on the moon?

كيف سنعيش على القمر - How will we live on the moon

International students from the European Space Agency are researching how to make housing above the moon possible, and they have been relying in their research on the experiences and training of astronauts before them.

A colony simulated by the moon will be built on Earth in Cologne, it will be 34 meters in diameter and will contain about 700 tons of material called regulev, a substance found on the surface of the moon or something similar to simulate the moon on Earth.

Space agencies hope to create a colony similar to it on the moon, with a room to adjust its internal pressure, as rocky casings of Regolev will be developed as a protection for the colony from radiation and space objects, until they see the possibility of protecting this cover of the colony.

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