The close relationship of mirrors in the interior design

The close relationship of mirrors in the interior design – mirrors add aesthetic and lively appearances within the interior design of the majority of homes, it increases the room, the charcoal of the reflections that occur. Reflections.

علاقة المرايا الوثيقة في التصميم الداخلي - The close relationship of mirrors in the interior design

The role of a mirror in interior design

No longer limited to simple use in seeing a person’s outward appearance only, she became an essential piece within the design to learn about balance and not give breadth and vitality.

Where to use mirrors

This unique piece can be used in many places inside the home, including the bedroom, living room, salon, dining room, dressing rooms, and small parts in the house in order to add a simple breadth to this place.

The right sizes for mirrors inside and where to place them

  • It should be suitable for the size of the wall on which it is placed so that no defect occurs.
  • It should be placed close to the windows and installed at right angles to reflect the light that comes from the window to the whole room.
  • It is possible to put two separate parts of the mirrors, as they are often useful in expanding the room.
  • It can be placed inside the cabinets to increase its depth and space.

Places in which the mirrors are to be placed

  • Mirrors are desirable to be placed in the salon room because they work to give elegance and elegance inside the house.
  • Also inside the dining room and when placed there must be appropriate in shape and size according to the pieces inside the room.
  • And inside the dressing room to add room for cabinets and expand the room itself.
  • Inside the kitchen, they can be placed inside wooden boxes to store utensils and boxes.

Distinctive shapes of mirrors

الأشكال المميزة للمرايات - Distinctive shapes of mirrors

  • Modern shapes have emerged now this year that the outer frame is simple to decorate, but in contrast it contains some lamps that add good lighting to those who want to depict themselves through it and fit the modern character more.
  • And the presence of new steel tires added to it a new luster and became more luxurious and fit modern taste more.
  • But in another opinion, the chic mirrors contain the wood trim that is more classic than modern.

Mistakes made by the interior designer when placing mirrors

  • It is possible for the interior designer to make a mistake and put mirrors in the entrance to the house, which is what infuriates energy scientists because it works to reverse the negative energy inside the house.
  • Not to be placed at exact corners or in the opposite direction to windows, as they darken the room.
  • The more that mirrors are placed inside one room, they give a heavy look to the seated.
  • Put it in front of a wall that has a defect, such as a dent or cracks, so it can detect.
  • Not cleaning them permanently, which leads to some black spots that are difficult to remove later.
  • Bring mirrors with an antique frame and the furniture is modern, as it works on the absence of any homogeneity between the furniture and mirrors, so a defect in the house system occurs and vice versa.
  • Not taking into account the size and length of the wall. Sizes must be proportional to the wall attached to it. For example, a small mirror should not be placed on a large wall.
  • Lack of consideration for the person looking at the wall
  • Mirrors can be long enough to keep them out of reach or close to the ground.
  • Not to install them well and deny all safety and security laws for humans, it should work to strengthen them with a wooden frame and not to put them on the wall directly, but must be placed on a metal stand in addition to glued to the wall.

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