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Living room furniture – the living room is the main room in the house due to what most family members spend throughout the day because it has a number of important devices and the most important of which is television. Therefore, we must follow some important Saudi architects consultant Best Saudi Architect rules to organize furnishings and tools in this room so that the family can relax in the place The only entertainment inside the house.

الموهبة في التصميم الداخلي للفيلا وخطواته

Environmental factors to consider

  • It has access to the sun and air
  • It is directed to the northeast
  • It is preferable to find a garden in the house that the room overlooks it in order to calm and calm the mind when reading or sitting to speak

How to choose the appropriate decoration for the living room?

  • They should choose clear, appropriate colors that are not noisy due to the multiple use of this room, including reading, discussions, study and entertainment, as well. This choice relaxes the family atmosphere in this room.
  • Since it is the most exposed room for any problems other than all rooms, it should not be placed in these rooms any porous or crystal masterpieces that can be broken or use some furniture Contemporary Arab Architect that has pointed edges with these edges with the presence of children can lead to the occurrence of disasters should be avoided this matter
  • Consider having adequate lighting because it is one of the basics that are inside the living room. The first thing to consider is the presence of large outlets to enter natural sunlight during the day and avoid the presence of small windows so that the room is not dark during the day and use lights suitable for full lighting at night.
  • The size of the room determines the colors we use and the colors of the furniture that we may be able to choose so as not to disturb

Consider choosing furniture

جودة الحياة في التصميم الداخلي للفيلا

When choosing furniture for the living room, several things must be taken into account the space of the room and the budget that was set by the buyer and the colors that match the color of the room paint.

Suitable space for furniture

When there is a large area, it fits a larger number of furniture, but it must be taken into account that there are spaces in order to be comfortable for the eye. On the other hand, this room was small.


We may fall, too often, in the problem of having a low budget with high aspirations and can sometimes compel us to choose furniture that we do not want, but it is possible to adhere to the specific budget by making the furniture that we want manually with a specialist so that we can choose the most valuable material and from time to time stick to the specified budget

The correct areas where we should put furniture and furniture

  • Do not place furniture near windows or areas with twists.
  • We must use furniture that has a suitable space for the room according to the empty space in it
  • Place basic things inside the room, such as a table and a number of sofas, suitable for a room, as well as its own TV and table.

The basics of furniture located in the living room

  • Depends on the size of the room Architect of Luxurious Palaces in which the furniture is designed, a sofa must be placed that can be separated into a number of chairs or connected or converted into another shape in order to save space for something else
  • Placing a number of important shelves can be used as a library or to add special belongings
  • The table is one of the important pieces because it works to collect everything for the family when they sit together and can be folded or fixed in large areas
  • Dining area with several chairs.

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