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يتم اﻹشراف على مناقشات مهمة في مشروعك الخاصة , من خلال المشرف الخاص بـ مكتبنا مختص العمارة والتخطيط. هل تواجه أي مشاكل؟

العمارة هي أسف الفنون في ترتيب الوجود ، ولقد ارتهطث …

ونتمثل البدايات الأولى للعمارة» في )مم أشار هيجل إلى المناقشات التي كانت دائرة في عصره.

Archinect #discussion forum, for all issues architectural.

Discussion and debate are what fuels innovation in architecture.

Articles provide a platform for journalists around the world to share their views.

We see this film as a way to bring to life a #discussion that has largely been taking … and productive.

“#Archichat” #discussion about architecture education and the …

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Housing above the moon

السكن فوق سطح القمر - Housing above the moon

Housing above the moon Many of us during his childhood dreamed of housing above the moon, but is this possible? Will the day come when some people leave Earth and decide to dwell on the surface of the moon? Will science evolve until we reach today? Climbing on the moon 4 billion and a half […]

The investment return from real estate in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

العائد الاستثماري من العقارات في مدن المملكة العربية السعودية - The investment return from real estate in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The investment return from real estate in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the role of quality design in raising the investment return for any project If you think that the return on investment from real estate generates acceptable amounts for you in relation to the value of the asset, then you […]

Turnkey contract advantages and disadvantages

عقد تسليم المفتاح مميزات وعيوب - Turnkey contract advantages and disadvantages

Turnkey contract advantages and disadvantages A turnkey contract was the first sign of its appearance in the twentieth century, and was specifically called upon to build villas and buildings, and there is a covenant between the contractor and the property owner stipulating the construction of the building and the supply of materials for its construction, […]

Cities of the future

الاعتبارات المعمارية التي تشكل مدن المستقبل

Architectural considerations that shape the cities of the future By 2050, the world’s population is expected to exceed 10 billion, making congested cities one of the most pressing issues of the day. Data analysis, machine learning, transportation developments, and the rapid development of new social technologies are increasingly changing the needs of people and societies, […]

Informal buildings and their impact on the individual and society

المباني العشوائية

Informal buildings and their impact on the individual and society By informal buildings, these are buildings that are free of basic services and are found in clusters that lack the lowest levels of comfort, safety, service, health, and spread epidemics, crimes, and other things that any residential community must miss, as their buildings grow in […]

Red Sea Project

مشروع البحر الأحمر

Red Sea Project The Red Sea Project, a global Saudi tourism project with the slogan “open hearts, open doors” Someone said: “The logo has been well chosen, because you can feel it where it’s relatively easy to open doors; you just have to decide. But to open hearts, it’s different.” The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia […]

Recycle materials

إعادة تدوير المواد

Recycle materials Eduardo Souza wrote his article on recycling materials, which raw materials and materials are easy to recycle, and how we can benefit from them after recycling. This came with the attention of the modern world to more sustainable architecture and environmental conservation. Of course, building, building and construction workshops account for 75% of […]

Home automation, how will it affect the future?

أتمتة المنازل

Home automation, how will it affect the future? Home automation has proven to architectural projects that it is increasingly an essential addition and affordable, and this is not limited to luxury or high-tech buildings, whether for new buildings or renovations. While understanding how it works can be very complex, the primary purpose of technology is […]

Types of palm trees and their use in architecture

النخيل واستخدامها في العمارة

Types of palm trees and their use in architecture: Who does not know palm trees? That long-lived tree that was distinguished by the Arab countries and not the rest of the world, called the Prince of Plants, grows in sandy soils in tropical countries climate, the palm tree is distinguished by its longevity in addition […]