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آخر الأخبار. تتصميم … النظرية المعمارية الموحدة بقلم نيكوس سالينغاروس Nikos Salingaros · ععمارة الشباب … تصمم مكتبة “بيت الحكمة” في الشارقة · ببرامج هندسية …

الهندسة المعمارية تخصص يغفل الكثير من الناس أسرارها وكينونتها، لا يدرك كثير من الناس عن هذا التخصص غير اسم الهندسة.

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Design of banks

تصميم البنوك والمصارف

Design of banks When designing banks and banks, there are several considerations. There are many types of banks and banks in terms of the bank’s operational purpose, including a central bank, an investment bank, a commercial bank and a savings bank, all of which are based on serving the public in terms of financial transactions, […]

importance of complete architectural plans

أهمية المخططات المعمارية الكاملة - importance of complete architectural plans

The importance of complete architectural plans: What is the importance of complete architectural plans that avoid problems with implementation? Architectural plan: It is planning, research, and illustrations for the design that are created, and everything they need in the construction process and every detail is drafted to prevent them from falling into any problems during […]

Executive Engineering Drawings and Divisions

Executive Engineering Drawings and Divisions - الرسومات الهندسية التنفيذية وأقسامها

Executive Engineering Drawings and Divisions: Executive Engineering Drawings and Divisions: their divisions and what matters to get started: Engineering drawings: They are detailed engineering plans in which what is executed on nature in detail, as it converts the imagination of the structural and architectural engineer into drawings that must be implemented on the ground, in […]

Quantity and quality in architecture

الكمية والنوعية في العمارة Quantity and quality in architecture

Quantity and quality in architecture: what are the differences between Quantity and quality in architecture? Architecture: It is a term that includes a description of everything that is being constructed and designed, including buildings and facilities, and includes multiple areas such as urban planning, furniture, and interior design. * The process of collecting quantitative and […]

Architectural simulation and design

Architectural simulation and design - - المحاكاة والتصميم المعماري

Architectural simulation and design: Architectural simulation and design:  What is the simulation process? Architectural designs: It is a comprehensive term for the art of planning and building cities and facilities and describing any construction designs. Architectural design is divided into two parts: The part at the macro level. Partial level part. Simulation process: It is […]

Architectural Design Fixed Job

الوظيفة الثابتة في التصميم المعماري - Architectural Design Fixed Job:

Architectural Design Fixed Job: Architectural Design Fixed Job: What is meant by the fixed-function in architectural design? The functional and fixed theory in architectural design is the benefit and is considered the basis for starting the architectural work and one of the most important influences on it and this function is directed to the shape […]

Types of garage doors

انواع ابواب الغراجات - Types of garage doors

Types of garage doors and their installation methods: What are the types of garage doors and how to install them? Garages: It has become an essential place in most places, such as homes, companies and commercial places, as its use is not limited to booking cars in a safer place. But it became used for […]