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AMA Infinity Villa

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Architectural design for the sake of human comfort and the creation of a suitable environment for the human being and not for the use of high-cost materials Studies have shown that the interaction of the print from the body and the outer shell with the current situation is the best efficiency and success for sustainability
AMA Villa
Saudi Arabia
Modern – Menamolisum – Organic
Conception architecturale pour la famille saoudienne​

Infinity Villa

the story: When we designed Villa Infinity, we went to several architectural ideas that simulate the architectural reality and imagination in cooperation with the owners who have a very strong artistic sense and requirements towards a high-end life and quality of life for the family, where the owner chose our architectural team after several options from local experiences and the communication was made. With us and the owner said (I want something different and out of the box)
The beginning of the architectural idea
We made many architectural design sketches for the villa, the dynamic direction of the land and the northern façade at sunset and sunrise, and the interaction of the sun and air with the building.
Architectural design for the Saudi family
At a time when most Saudi families focus on the form of one design and one design programming that is considered monotonous and depends on the shape of the refined and relying on the implementation of old designs and re-modification on them. He stops at the monotonous architectural ideas presented by some architects, as the Saudi home should reflect distinction and not reflect what the regular plans present.

Interact with the surrounding design, not the materials
From the first moment, through design, we did not focus on materials. We believe that architecture and architectural design are not expensive materials, and this is unfortunately not desirable. Some architects always go to persuade the client to implement expensive materials, which makes them forget that the main focus is the success of the design and not an addition Luxuries, as the expensive architectural materials will contribute significantly to disrupting the construction of the project and increasing the life span of the project, which affects the budget of building the villa. Our goal was how we could make the building comfortable and luxurious at a distinctive and achievable cost without going to the lifting clauses. The cost is on the owner. If the vacuum is not comfortable and of high quality, the materials will not create a difference, so we paid attention to the height of the ceilings, the way the lighting is distributed, and the glass openings of the external facades for the new modern palace luxury architecture.

The seed of the idea and implementation
We are proud that the basic idea of ​​the project was put forward by the owner and this is what makes the conviction of the high-performance architectural idea. We care about all the details of the design with the owner and make that project distinguished by the testimony of many people. Curves and bows are part and important for human health as well as in the past people were used to me Life within the cubic square spaces because it is the easiest to build, but now because the world and science have developed and the architect has a strong sense of thought and interaction with materials, it has become easy to design based on 3 rules and columns that seemed out of four. This made us able to view panoramic and observe all The edges of the villa can easily be viewed at the swimming pool and the outdoor garden, and can elegantly adapt to this atmosphere of high-quality and high-quality modern villa architecture.

Good architecture increases the value of your house العمارة الجيدة تزيد من قيمة منزلك
Interior Design التصميم الداخلي

In order to make the interior design more interactive and give off a sense of life within the interior design, we made the focus on the simplicity of the elements, interior design, colors, materials, design and construction, because the main essence is the strength of curves

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