• DATE: 1-5-2020

  • TYPE : Modern – parametric


IBRA Chair

Ibra chair
Designed by architect Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji

The Ibra Chair is a piece of seating art inspired by a mixture of architectural, structural, and physical physics The chair is designed to revisit the symmetry and balance aspects of lumps and moving objects. After studying the design and met the ribbon bow rising from the ground to form a scheduled turn around the center of the seat, the details are inspired by its great architecture and its contribution to the design, the back of the chair forms the way a palace meets the back of the user in a distinct organic representation that represents contemporary architecture and to be a detail of the design Procedure.

The Ibra Chair is a salute piece that takes design and language signals from the dynamic design built on a sporty basis and meticulously fine. The backrest is designed with a metal striped base, and is attached to its base by four vertical struts on both sides with the seating surface suspended between the two main straps. The noticeable addition of an organic-shaped backrest that elegantly plays in the design language, the overall physical displacements and displacement
Furniture: chair

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