• DATE: 18-9-2020

  • TYPE : Sustainability, interactive, energy, industrial, modern


Architectural design Silicon Valley land mark (1)

Silicon Valley is the land mark

All other land marks are silent and not productive for the environment, and if we want to design something new for Silicon Valley we choose to offer a revolutionary design that interacts with the environment and the external environment
A design that will generate electricity by moving the dish around itself. This will be a fundamental goal to gain two types of positivity, which reflects a unique image of the city of Silicon Valley uniquely that was a place for major international companies
Distinguishing Elements
It is the first mobile land mark around the world, the design is for zero-carbon emissions and to be a distinct example, it will be used for visual display in the evening and for high social interaction with residents and national occasions, finally the dish can be used to place solar cells and benefit of energy
Economic feasibility
The purpose of the land mark is not only aesthetic, but an investment. All amounts will return to the city’s portfolio through power generation, as well as a high moral value. We must see a material value that will be returned to the city council by investing in clean and green energy.
The more the tower is simple, the more people love it, it is easy to express. We are talking about a very simple and lightweight shape designed to be a land mark coming.
The dynamic
The shape was designed to be flexible with the air and interact with the outer space. Mechanical study is part of the project. The method of fixing the plate has been studied in a way that allows a generator to be placed inside the body.
Space Flying saucer
The memory of the space dish should be important, and the marketing form should benefit from the method of flying dishes and the myth that talks about it.
Solar cells
Dual investment
The tower will provide solar cells, which will be a reason for saving and benefiting from solar energy. This is an advantage towards the environmentally friendly tower
the cost
This form is designed to be inexpensive in terms of the amount invested and method, and the amounts that will be paid for construction can be recovered from the sale of the energy generated by the figure.
Evening visual interaction
The tower will create visual interaction during national and social events and parties, and it can transmit TV events after it is used as a display surface in the evening.
Varied shape
It always rotates, so this design will always be variable depending on the street that you are in, sometimes the courtyard will be parallel to the main street and again times the sharp side will be opposite to the street and this means that the angle is not fixed and this moving body is dynamic and interacting architecturally

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