• DATE: 11-11-2020

  • TYPE : Research and development

  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia

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tawaf in coved


Coronavirus has a negative impact on all sectors in the world, it has affected the global economy and the way people interact, the space for movement of the human body has become significantly larger and this has a direct impact on the areas of sitting, walking, and use. Muslim prayer is also affected by the space. And the aura that a person must provide in order to move, and everyone knows that the Kaaba must circumambulate seven times in order to achieve the circumambulation, and here what is done is a bulb in order to develop and add space for every Muslim.
Saudi Arabia is the only leading country around the world in crowd management. It spends a lot of money in developing infrastructure and spending a lot of money for scientific research to tool crowds and pilgrims. No other country around the world has such experiences as Saudi Arabia
We are here today discussing how the virus Covid deals with the Kaaba movement

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