• CLIENT: Xi’An Train

  • DATE: 1-2-2020

  • TYPE : modern

  • LOCATION:china

Xi’An Train Station

Train Station
The basic idea of the architectural design: –
The fact that the project land has ribs, deviations, the determinants of the streets and the railway. We wanted to design a train station in harmony with each other. The next landmark in China should be flexible and smooth. This design that contains ripples up and down appears as a piece of music and Harmony between place and use, the most important characteristic of the survey program is that it contains clear elements and priority for each component. The hotel must be in front of and along the main street. Offices and office spaces came in the middle to be the relationship and link point between the operation of the train station and users. To make the users comfortable and for the design’s strength, we made the back area full of shopping and waiting halls.

Design’s Strength Elements: –
The curves make the shape of the design look beautiful, and we also have many phenomena that help the environment and architectural sustainability. The hot air will push up the curve and that is good and helps in having excellent ventilation. The natural lighting that surrounds all sides of the building and the ability to penetrate the sun Inside design is a glamor for the environment. Also, the curves are the biggest factors that make the building affecting the environment and the movement of smooth air, which is one of the most important factors, so we should not be concerned about the height because we have a mechanism that controls the flow of air through the special shape of the building.
External Interaction with The Inner: –
The strength of the design appears as a large roof that contains the architectural elements of the train station. The assembly area, the use of the train, the entrances and exits are important things that were taken care of in the design. However, the iconography of the building is strong and the design is very strong as well as the iconography and architectural beauty. The materials that are used for the ceiling will be light.

Structure and Materials Used: –
The best option that we worked on is the cold iron and the proposed panels for packaging ceils are from the material “green roofs” which will be suitable for cultivation on the roof in several years. It is also the best use of the environmental option.
Features: –
*Ease of movement, use of the building and the method of harmonious work are among the basics of the design that we designed.
*We believe that this proposal is the next revolution in the world of train stations.
*The design of the station should be based on this modern method and architectural relations with the basic design is one of the important reasons for success.
*The top roof is made of light and flexible materials.
*The glass wall is important because the city is full of dust and factory fumes, so the coverage of the station is important.
*The enormous architectural contrast in the building blocks is a strong component of the project’s success.


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