Art as the main influencer of architecture

Art as the main influencer of architecture – many disagreed about whether architecture is related to art or are separate, and this debate has existed for decades, there are those who see that architecture is only a living application of the rules of engineering and mechanics, and others see that art has a relationship in making engineering work with High affair, and the ancient Greeks considered architecture an art because it embodied their culture in the form of architecture that remains to perpetuate their culture.

الفن باعتباره المؤثر الرئيسي للهندسة المعمارية - Art as the main influencer of architecture

The relationship of art to architecture

The function of art is to move the person’s senses, attract him towards him, and make his viewers hang on to it, while the goal of architecture is to employ the rules of engineering, mechanics, and physics in an orderly and thoughtful way to bring architecture.

But if we look carefully at art and architecture, we will find that architecture is a living embodiment of art, because if it were not linked to art, any architecture would be cubes and cuboid shapes without any innovation in them.

And for the participation of art in architecture, architectural artifacts have been produced since ancient times until now. Looking at the ancient Egyptian, Iraqi, or Greek antiquities or any ancient civilization, we will find that art is largely involved in building monuments and temples, and also in the inscriptions on them, and this, if it indicates something, indicates The close link between art and architecture.

Architecture is also affected by the climate of the place, it is possible to see clear differences in the architecture of the same culture due to the difference in climate due to the breadth of the country.

Each culture reflects its art, culture and colors in its architecture to bring us unparalleled architectural and artistic effects, and this proved that architecture and art are only two sides of the same coin showing their impact throughout history.

Evidence of the link between art and architecture

Although architecture is a science and not an art, as some say, it is only completed by the presence of art in it. Art is what made it the way we see it now.

Greek architecture

العمارة الاغريقية - Greek architecture

If we look at the Greek civilization, we will find it full of legends, sacred symbols for them. This is reflected in Greek architecture, so we clearly see in Greek architecture inscriptions of myths and sculptures reviving them expressing the myth’s belonging to their own culture.

Ancient Egyptian architecture

Because there are ancient Egyptian myths and symbols of animals, birds and plants considered sacred to them, then these elements were a source of art and architecture at that time, but they differ from Greek architecture in many things, including the different mythological symbols and the different climate that resulted in the different building methods and the different stones that bear the climate in Those civilizations.

Islamic architecture

Islamic architects mastered the building of mosques and ancient palaces in an unprecedented way that expresses Islamic culture. Among the forms of art were the Arabic and Persian calligraphy, which was largely visible in the inscriptions on mosques and palaces, as well as unparalleled Islamic motifs that made any place engraved on it a masterpiece Time.

Gothic architecture

One of the most important features of Gothic architecture is the cheerful colors that used to decorate window glass of different shapes, sizes and designs, and this affected the architecture of its time because it was not common to use stained glass in abundance before that, and this added an aesthetic profile to Gothic architecture.

Architecture in the European Renaissance

العمارة في عصر النهضة الاوروبية - Architecture in the European Renaissance

A new style of architecture emerged after the Renaissance due to the European occupation of many countries in Africa and Asia that led to European architecture being inspired by those many cultures that have a special character and mixed with Renaissance factors, so Europe’s architecture emerged unusually from the past, where architecture was inspired by the effects Old European and not mixed with other civilizations outside Europe.

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