Aspects to consider when designing public buildings

Designing public buildings is one of the things that engineers are most interested in since the building design process is their prerogative, and these buildings are designed according to the specifications required by their owners, and there are major criteria that these engineers go through when designing and drawing these public buildings to complete the construction process well and satisfactory to all parties, It is natural and well-known before embarking on any construction process to make a good plan and appropriate design for the area of these buildings to obtain an impressive result, and whenever the design is new and innovative, the owner of this design will have a reputation and a good reputation in society.

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What do we mean by the word public buildings design? Who designs it?

Design of public buildings means engineering, technical and architectural applications that have a broad base and that work on designing a building from buildings, and all projects related to the subject of construction need the services and expertise of the engineer who designs public buildings and most often who perform this task the structural designer or architect who is licensed To carry out the implementation of this project, the large projects that need a large class of qualified and in-depth stakeholders in their specializations, and it is customary for the architect to coordinate these projects, as for the easy projects that are r Possessing size does not require professionals who have a license to start carrying out their work, and most often those working on these buildings are interior design engineers, blacksmiths or contractors.

Steps to consider and adhere to before commencing designing public buildings

Before commencing the design of any building, it is necessary to know the origin of the project, is it a villa, a market, a tower, a hospital or other projects, and also the location where the construction process will take place is necessary. Therefore, the specialized engineer and the person responsible for this project should go to the site And he is exploring it to know its dimensions and knowing the state in which this project will be held, as well as knowing the customs and traditions of the owners of this place and knowing what surrounds this site of buildings or trees or other facilities so that the design is appropriate and consistent with the surrounding environment, and also a good study of this project must be done All aspects, first of all Natal then can proceed engineer in the executive plan of these public buildings and to apply them in the shortest possible time, and the most important steps that should be taken into consideration and knowledge are the owner of this project requirements and write it down to proceed accordingly.

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The stages and steps that the design goes through

Work on knowing the information about the project and collecting it: this stage is considered one of the most important basic stages in design because it is through which it is possible to know the requirements and needs that pertain to the construction project and that include the variables and problems that occur on these public buildings and then lay out plans to solve them and this information includes the site and building legislation and dimensions Religious, historical and social dimensions, building materials, and other things.

Analysis of the information collected: which includes vision, imagination, wind, noise, soil, and other similar information.

Idea Generates: Determine the basic elements of a project and defines the scheme linked to job relationships.

Elaboration of preliminary solutions: designating the structure in a preliminary manner and drawing the projections.

Evaluating and comparing solutions: This step means working to evaluate the solutions that have been proposed and whether they are valid or not working, as it works to find appropriate and innovative solutions.

Design problem

The design problem is characterized by its many dimensions, and it rarely happens that we work on a specific design that has one purpose, as the project design process tries as much as possible to show it beautifully and at reasonable cost through the available capabilities.

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