Bauhaus School

The Bauhaus School has greatly influenced architecture as it is considered one of the most modern and influential schools in the fields of engineering and design in the current era of art.

مدرسة الباوهاوس - Bauhaus School

The Bauhaus concept

The Bauhaus School is known for the Arabic house of construction, because it contained all kinds of art in its portfolio and was influenced by English architecture, especially the English artist William Morris.

The birth of the Bauhaus School

The emergence of the Bauhaus School in the shadow of political conflicts during the Second World War. The world was tense, especially Germany, which was its leader for the war that took place. It is the source of this school. Daiso then to the capital, Berlin.

Then came the Nazi rule and they closed the school on the pretext that it was not German but rather global because of the various arts it contains in the world of architecture, including architecture and selection arts such as drawing, coloring, sculpture, interior design, graphic design and printing, so it was a large body that includes a lot of art so it became famous.

The patterns that characterize the Bauhaus School

مدرسة الباوهاوس - Bauhaus School

The Bauhaus school had basic materials such as harmony of geometry and shape with the materials and the way of design. The Bauhaus style was consistent and coexists with all materials because it creates a new creative source and this renewal has received some anger from German hardline politicians because of the lack of German identity in this art and they were keen to cancel it, but this art It has spread around the world and has been well received by the United States of America precisely because of Walter’s attendance at Harvard University, the excellence there and the states ’desire for continuous excellence.

The change caused by the Bauhaus School of Architecture

The Bauhaus School was operating with a different idea from the rest of the previous schools in architecture, so it was working to take advantage of all the materials available to the artist or engineer, so it was obligatory to enter the school. One to create an unparalleled architectural style, so the student was before anything coming to the workshops to learn in order to benefit in his future later on, so they worked on reviving different crafts so this school was distinguished by the formation and abundance of the decoration that was common then in Europe.

It was also distinguished by the use of basic colors, and the keenness to use the basic geometric shapes, including the square, the triangle, and the circle in all their artworks, overlapping lines, and noticing empty spaces in any designs until they inserted some photographs in the art.

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Bauhaus and critics

Many critics commented on the idea of ​​the Bauhaus School and that it did not have a specific idea to own it but rather it was diverse and complex and does not have any limits to creativity and said that it did not have any style characterized by it.

Bauhaus and artistic destination

The artistic point differed with the critics because the artist has to possess an unlimited artistic sense in order for his creativity to appear and the determinant of thinking to be art is available for everyone not specific to specific people and they also see that each artist has his own thought so that the artist’s thinking cannot be curbed with a specific style and ideas.

One of the most important pioneers of the Bauhaus School

Its founder, architect Walter Gropius, including many well-known engineers, including Joseph Albers, Herbert Bayer, Marian Brandt, Marcel Prower, Lionel Wenger, Vasily Kakandinsk, Paul Klee, Laszlo, Mohly Nagy, Lucia Mohole, Willie Reich.

Because of their limitations in their thinking and creativity, they have become a mark in all artistic circles around the world.

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