• Best architectural wonder in Europe

Main buildings: The Colosseum, the Alhambra, Neuschwanstein Castle, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Devil’s Bridges

Europe is filled with some of the best and most historic buildings in the world.

From walking tours around the city’s fortifications, to discovering the castle grounds,

to watching history come to life in some of the world’s oldest churches, Europe has countless opportunities to witness the architectural beauty embodied.

Our list contains the best structural treasures that will inspire you and provide you with a greater understanding of the past and how it has translated its impact into the future in terms of the way buildings are built.

  • Colosseum

Best architectural wonder in Europe
Best architectural wonder in Europe


Although Rome in Italy has a large number of very impressive and ancient architectural sites to be seen, few of them can beat the grandeur of the Colosseum.

The construction of the structure began in AD 72, and was used as an amphitheater witness to the death of more than a million people and animals,

although the building has a brutal past, it is undeniable that the building remained almost completely intact, and it can still be visited today to admire its majesty.

  • Alhambra Palace

Best architectural wonder in Europe
Best architectural wonder in Europe


Located in Granada, Spain, it is a wonderful medieval fortress that stands proudly on top of a hill,

its construction began in the 9th century AD and it was not until 1350 that it began to form properly into the magnificent structure we see today.

The complex extends over an area of ​​more than 35 acres and is surrounded by wonderful gardens, which made the view of the building from the outside as well as from the inside more exceptional.

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  • Neuschwanstein Castle

Best architectural wonder in Europe
Best architectural wonder in Europe


The magnificent spiers, located in Germany, stand proudly away from the landscape and can be seen from miles away.

Although one of the smallest buildings on this list was completed in 1892, it provides a great backstory in the fact that it was built for one person living in it, “King Ludwig” who died before he could move.

The fairytale architecture of castles has played a significant role in serving as the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty Castle in Walt Disney World, Florida.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Best architectural wonder in Europe
Best architectural wonder in Europe


Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, is considered one of the most beautiful architectural symbols in Russia.

It is easily recognizable as it has stood proudly in the capital since 1560.

Terrifying legends say that Ivan the Terrible, who ordered the building of the building, in fact cut the eyes of the architect who has built the cathedral to make sure he wouldn’t build a nicer building!

  • Satan’s bridges

Best architectural wonder in Europe
Best architectural wonder in Europe


One of the Devil’s Bridge in Europe, Rakotzbrücke is located in Azalea and Rhododendron Park Krumlau in Gablins, Germany.

Rakotzbrücke it is a thin arch that extends over the waters of Rokotzsee.

It was commissioned by Medina Knight in 1860,

and it was built using different basalt columns shipped from different quarries, which were designed to look like a perfect semicircle, so that in correct lighting with water it would appear as a complete circle.

The mason decorated the two ends of the Devil’s Bridge with gentle rock swirls that resemble natural outcrops.

Most of the Devil bridges in Europe are located in France, where there are about 40 bridges,

while others are found in countries such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and Italy.

However, nothing is as beautiful and unique as Rakotzbrücke as it is considered the most amazing Devil Bridge in the world and is preferred by most photographers.

Most of the Devil’s Bridges were built during the Middle Ages and are stone arches, a major technological breakthrough.

The bridge had an economic or strategic importance to the community.


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