Building maintenance and what are the elements that need most maintenance in residential and commercial buildings?

Building maintenance is a restoration process that includes all the damaged parts in these buildings that help in restoring them new as they were without any deterioration in their internal and external shape, which gives the opportunity to extend the life of these buildings and preserve the architectural, construction and mechanical components for them, where they are in maintenance work Providing scientific and administrative techniques and applying them in a modern way in order to reduce the possibility of damaging them again, and we find that many Saudi companies specializing in maintenance of residential and commercial buildings that help restore their strength and durability as they were.

Maintenance of public and residential buildings

There are many maintenance companies that specialize in a lot of work that helps to maintain buildings in a good way that preserves their general shape, and through the inspection carried out by these companies where you can detect any defects or damage to the buildings and immediately perform the complementary or restoration work For any damage.

These companies are formed of a team that includes all maintenance specialties, and they also have a huge number of workers trained in lifting and other simple works such as carpentry, plumbing, electricity, etc. from building maintenance work, which can be quickly repaired without requiring a high level of education or the need for specialized cadres More.

As negligence in the maintenance of commercial or residential buildings, these buildings may be subjected to collapses that affect the swamp population, as many of these problems cause this damage, most of which are the problem of water leaks to the roofs, which cause damage to the damage to the paints and to the roofs and walls as well .

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Maintenance of commercial buildings

Commercial buildings, which include many responsible bodies in the state, multiply to some damages caused by either misuse or damage to some parts of these buildings due to the end of their life or the damages that occur to them due to climatic factors such as heavy rains that affect the façades of these buildings and severe hurricanes.

Work on creating an architectural facility characterized by strength and durability is considered one of the most important requirements of modern buildings in many aspects of architecture and construction, and attention must be paid to careful study on the soil on which the buildings are built and which must be good soil that can bear these buildings, also designs must be chosen For buildings with high efficiency and the choice of all building materials with standard specifications appropriate to the nature of these buildings and the number of floors that make up the building and whether it is a residential or commercial building.

Also, all protection precautions are taken into consideration even the harsh climate conditions until a good residential or commercial building is established through proper implementation that addresses any dangers that may be exposed to it, as when any damage occurs to part of the building parts it is immediately maintained Immediately without being affected by the building at all.

The most needed items in building maintenance work

أهم العناصر الأكثر احتياجًا في أعمال صيانة المباني

Through the most needed elements of building maintenance work, are the equipment and tools that need experience and efficiency by maintenance professionals who are good at working where there are plumbing technicians and discussion technicians who are interested in restoring damaged paints due to leakage factors as well as electricians who repair electrical work Which are located inside the buildings, which helps in the absence of any problems inside the residential or commercial buildings.

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