Building restoration and architectural finishes, why the cost of a restored building is sometimes higher than the cost of rebuilding a building

The restoration of the building is one of the most important things that most people care about these days, as restoration has become an essential thing for the residents, they want to restore their old buildings that were cracked during those times they went through, and this restoration process is the most important work done by the civil engineer, this is his profession Therefore, the civil engineer is keen to deal with and solve the problem of cracks that buildings suffer and which cause their intolerance and lead to their fall. These cracks weaken their bearing strength. So let’s find out information about building restoration and architectural finishes

What is the meaning of the word building restoration?

It is one of the arts that individuals are heading towards in order to preserve their old buildings and to restore and restructure them, as they lost their appearance and beauty due to external conditions and environmental factors which led to the appearance of cracks and cracks in all parts of this and this indicates that they are subject to collapse, so they are in urgent need of restoration and restoration Its structure, internally and externally, is back as before with a beautiful look.

The goal of the building restoration process

The primary goal of the building restoration process is to preserve the building and its foundations and to work to strengthen and support it by raising the foundations of the buildings and engineering them in a special way by the engineer who specializes in these matters, and to restore the damaged areas that need repair and treatment so that these buildings do not fall and collapse because of the cracks they suffer And cracks, and these buildings are repaired externally and internally, and the specialist makes many adjustments and repairs to these buildings, which include windows, doors and ceilings, treatment of their cracks and other matters that help to restructure these old buildings.

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When does the building need a restoration process?

There is a difference between the word building reform and the word restoration. It is necessary to know the needs of the building before carrying out the restoration process. Before embarking on any restoration work, we must take a closer look at the building and measure the depth of cracks and cracks. Through this measurement and that closer look we can know if the building needs Urgent to the restoration process or not.

Steps to consider and implement when performing the restoration

There are many steps that must be taken to successfully complete the process of building restoration, so the person must be familiar with all knowledge and information related to the subject of building restoration, this restoration is not easy, as this process needs before starting it to the specialists and expertise, and when the specialists know that the buildings need Treatment and restoration, they make engineering drawings and designs after revealing the extent and depth of these cracks.

The people of experience and specialization know and define all the necessary needs that help in the restoration of these buildings in terms of cost and in terms of the tools they need, and according to the condition of the buildings they follow certain methods in the restoration of the building, and that the people of specialization work on specific engineering designs appropriate to their condition to address those cracks that These old buildings suffer from them, and after finishing this engineering drawing, it is transferred and delivered to the contractor responsible for it, who is working on implementing this engineering design to solve the problem of cracks.

One of the steps that must be taken into consideration during carrying out this restoration process is commitment to the design that the consultant drew to bridge the gaps between these cracks in order to complete the restoration process well, and failure to adhere to them leads to their reappearance after a certain period of time and the owners of these buildings are forced to request treatment and restoration again Then engineers and experts work on it again.

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