Choose the lighting and distribute it correctly

In the beginning, a lot of people make a mistake, which is to leave the lighting distribution to the end, so you should pay attention to that. You must put a plan to choose the lighting and distribute it correctly at the beginning of the work of decoration, as well as choosing weak lighting that spoils the beauty of colors, as well as the shape of the rooms as well.

اختيار الإنارة وتوزيعها بشكل صحيح - Choose the lighting and distribute it correctly

How to start by choosing the lighting and distribute it correctly in the place:

Initially, we choose the general shape of the room, and we also choose the lighting distribution places, and the quality of lighting, in a manner that suits the general shape, and the general shape varies from one place to another, depending on the desire of individuals, or the owners of the place may be the general form: (classic romantic, modern )

Before we start choosing the lighting pieces, and distribute them inside the place, we must determine its location, and we must also study the shape of the place in terms of length and width, as well as the height of the ceilings.

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Choosing the lighting, and distributing it properly, helps in modifying the shape and color of the place, and makes the place comfortable to look at. We should note the following:

  1. The downlight should be relied upon, in case if the ceiling is high, this reduces the ceiling height.
  2. Attention to lighting the sides, it gives a larger size and a wider room.
  3. Attention to public lighting, in order to give a source of lighting throughout the place.
  4. Attention to the status of side lighting, as if it was placed in the middle, it divides the room into two parts, which makes its size smaller, and if placed in the sides, it increases the size.
  5. The use of spotlights gives an ideal shape to the walls, as well as helping to give an aesthetic look to the decor, as well as a new spirit of the place.
  6. The interest in light lighting also adds a distinctive beauty to the decoration pieces in the place, which creates a romantic look in the place.
  7. Attention to directed lighting is one of the most important sources of lighting, which is used in living rooms, as well as in offices and public places, it works to focus light, as well as enlighten strongly, and make vision clear, and has a role in lighting distribution.
  8. Attention to natural lighting, which is the source of sunlight, it has a role in lighting the place in daylight, as well as affecting the shades of colors, and therefore must pay attention to the amount of light directed from the sun’s rays, and use it to highlight the decoration work like curtains, and other different colors that preserve the beauty Decoration.
  9. The choice of dark colors, especially in wall paints, has a direct impact on strong lighting, as dark colors absorb and weaken light, we must pay attention to that point, and strengthen the sources of lighting, in order not to lose our coordination of the place.
  10. The choice of colored lamps affects the general shape of the place or room, and also affects the distribution of lighting. Suitable colors of lamps should be chosen, so that they give full harmony with the basic colors present in the decoration.

The basic rules for choosing the right lighting and distributing it correctly:

Attention must be paid to the places in which they will be placed, as well as highs and lows in coordinating the decoration of the place, in order to obtain a good distribution of lighting, at the level of all rooms, or the place.

  • Interest in the use of tools to raise and lower the light, called brushing tools, it helps to distribute the lighting properly.
  • Attention to insert different types of lighting, directed and general lighting, as well as lamps, and put them in the right places.

In the end, you must choose the right places, to distribute the lighting properly, and we also care about light sources, whether they are natural or industrial lighting.

And also paying attention to the natural light source of the sun, by determining the state of the climate, if the sky is clear, the facades will be lit very strongly, as well as give vitality to the place, and the designer, or engineer, should pay attention to studying the movement of the sun, as well as studying the angle of the sun falling on the place.

As well as in industrial lighting we care about it whether it is direct lighting, using units of apparent lighting, or it is indirect lighting, where the designer, or the engineer, intentionally hides the light source, and creates a harmony between the light and the colors of the place.

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