Choosing the upholstery and how to properly match the materials and colors with the upholstery

Upholstery design and the way materials and colors are properly matched with upholstery | Steps to follow when choosing upholstery colors:

1- Study the place that you want to furnish in terms of the colors of the floors and walls and choose the colors of the furnishings from the degrees of their closeness to it. It is also necessary to study and know the lights that are in the place where it was of high light. It is preferable to use furniture with dark colors.

2- Before you start buying furniture, you must specify the design that you want, as the bright colors are used in modern designs, and soft, subtle colors are used in classic designs.

3- For every room in the place that you want to furnish, there are bases for choosing colors, for example:

  • Living rooms are considered the most free places to choose colors, but keeping in mind the choice of colors with pleasant touches to give the room more vitality and activity.
  • Bedrooms prefer to choose the quieter colors and soft touches such as beige and its derivatives or pink and its derivatives.
  • Bathrooms are preferable to choose colors with greater lighting, such as light blue or light pink.

4- That the colors chosen in the home are related to each other, so that you do not feel any difficulty in moving from one room to another in the same house.

Tips to follow when painting rooms and choosing furnishings:

  1. Take a sample of the paint used on the walls and a sample of the fabrics to be brushed, and make a comparison between them to choose the most appropriate color and fabric for the room in order to be consistent and elegant.
  2. Use materials from multiple furnishings such as cotton, silk and velor, to make the room more fresh and elegant.
  3. Choose a number of fabrics and do experiments on monochromatic colors to see how they are compatible with each other.
  4. When purchasing fabrics and wall paints, you must choose the fabrics first, and then find the appropriate paint color for the used fabric instead of finding the right fabric for the paint color.
  5. If the room is painted in dark colors, the furniture is chosen from light colors and vice versa.

Methods for choosing systems to obtain a sophisticated decor:

1- The choice of colors is neutral and natural, and it is considered the most common color and arrangement used in furnishings or walls. The neutral colors are white, beige, and cream.

These colors are distinguished by the furnishings and walls that give more modernity and radiance to the place.

2- The choice of dark colors with a mysterious nature: These colors are used in the most spacious places, where the dark colors reduce the spaces and use these colors in the dining rooms are black furniture and black fabrics, which shows it more luxurious and elegant.

This type of design is used in palaces and villas of great size and is used to give the place a special charm.

3- The balance and convergence system: In this system, many colors are used and are mixed with each other in order to give the atmosphere a balance and calmness.

4- Contradictory color system: This system is the most exciting system in which many contradictory colors are used to produce a more energetic, vibrant, joyful and different place.

5- Integrated color system with each other: This system results from mixing two colors with each other and using their light, dark and medium grades in the room, which gives an integrated form.

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Ways to choose furniture and furnishings:

  • Furniture must be chosen to suit the walls and floors.
  • Take into account the chosen fabrics, if they are embossed or striped, the walls should be solid, without any drawings, and vice versa.
  • If the room you want to use is used for a variety of purposes, you must choose colors that are related to each other so that the room becomes complete.

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