Chinese city of Wuhan in the beginning of December 2019 led to the emergence of pathological conditions affecting the respiratory system with symptoms affecting the performance of lung functions and to provoke a global panic that extends to more than that and is the economic depth of countries and operating facilities and where the beginning of the discovery of the virus was not known and According to what some reports indicated that there is a desire by the Chinese authorities to control the level of the declared facts during the emergence of the virus as a benefit 19, but the physical aspects of this advanced viral compound are difficult to circumvent or find a rapid treatment solution to eliminate it, since we all know that the secret of the stardom of this virus lies in a It is a transition between people and the Chinese policies cannot be used to conceal results like what happened in 2003, given that the world is now facing a rapidly spreading virus, and today we will talk about the architectural impact of the emerging corona virus 19, which is an extremely important and costly containment. Weights on the global economy and indicators of country growth and performance.
Architecture is part of the affected global economy, and architecture depends on building engineering projects and projects. It also depends mainly on the economy. The integrative economy itself is closely related to each other and it is not possible to escape from this globalization and we must now realize that the world has become A small village, and that appears in all respects, the most important of which is the way the virus spreads. A journey from New York to Dubai does not take more than 12 hours, and if it is a carrier of the disease, you may be able to spread this virus to all of its contacts, and they are also in turn and in good faith they will spread the virus to a number Bigger and so on jar, then most will get infected Spectrum of the community and you will enter into influences that may be overly listed negative.
We are talking about 6 trillion dollars in total global losses, as well as a lot of global stopping and freezing. What does that mean? I mean, stopping projects and stopping construction work around the world, and this is not a good indicator, as international architects are affected by their revenues and their work by the influence of large companies and global economic markets, that the economic stalemate will have an impact during the period of global household isolation imposed on the international community, some Countries with options that may be more naive to their people, such as the German and British experience, on the pretext that the state cannot bear the repercussions of the economic stalemate due to the emerging Corona virus, and that, according to the opinion of expert experts, knowing things are naively facing a pandemic, there is no scientific evidence or study. And a research report proves that the virus will be self-immune if it infects 50% of the population, given that the new Covid virus 19 is emerging and does not exceed 60 days until the time of Prime Minister Johnson’s speech, and this indicates that Britain and Germany will witness its isolation. From the world because of their taking the stone measures.
And if we look at the Saudi experience, which came with great caution and proactive steps that were and still are costly to the economy, but these steps taken by the Kingdom are very fast to contain the pandemic and will have a positive impact on Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that many international spectrums that I talked about stopping Umrah and Hajj, and this is something that is considered a basis for Saudi sovereignty, as it is empowered to protect the Two Holy Mosques and the only actor of the Hajj and the health of the pilgrims. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has studied the experience that occurred for religious shrines in Iran and Italy, and these indicators are a good reason To stop the Hajj and Umrah until further notice, and even prayers in mosques and the Two Holy Shrines were stopped in a painful gesture to the heart of every Muslim, but the health of the body is preceded by throwing the breath into death, as well as not to harm oneself and not to harm others.

These global decisions will affect the architect inappropriately and will stop some projects. If we look again at the real estate movement in the Kingdom and in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, we will find that it will be the worst in 2020 and this season will be less than the other seasons to open the box in The history of Hajj and Umrah economics, everyone was affected, including the architecture sector and real estate developers, and given the history of Hajj, Hajj was stopped for many times, exceeding 5 times, and due to epidemics, the last of which was in 1966.
The positive side that gives cause for optimism is looking at the Chinese experience in containing the Corona virus as a benefit 19 and the way to deal with it and take advantage of quarantine and work remotely and develop human perceptions that family cohesion is important and facing difficulties together is very important and I must Everyone turns negative points into positive and this is the combined opportunity, just as treatment for this disease is possible and will be available at the earliest opportunity and international companies have competed to produce the vaccine for this disease that has accompanied competition and other unprecedented media
Finally, the negativity that surrounded the Covid 19 virus is that which affected humanity and global economies, and that is the reason and role of the global media. We must return to 2003 and look at the results of the previous Corona and we will find it more deadly, but the old virus did not have global intrusion and The state of global communication that is now the cause of the panic, of course the previous virus did not have the publicity that it gets as a current 19 and who should be called the king of viruses, it did not even have a tablet or communication pages like what is present and in fact the world was not more Communication through land, air and sea windows E as it is now, but in the end, the old virus has benefited from sterile and soap companies and the ability to reap imaginary profits from costly advertising methods. Now the world economy is suffering huge losses even it needs wipes in order to erase its effects, but the panicked consumer is still terrified.

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