Cranes, cranes and mobile towers for projects

Winches, cranes and mobile towers are considered one of the newly used machines to cut or lift heavy objects and then transfer them to other areas, and these machines are supported by chains or iron cables and the like, and they are based during their work on one specific type or many types of simple machines Which helps to increase its strength and which makes a mechanical benefit that helps in moving heavy loads from one place to another, because these heavy things exceed the natural ability of man, and it is customary that these winches and cranes are used in transportation operations, whether these operations are unloading or protecting Wilha to and from the train and port stations.

الونشات والرافعات والأبراج المتحركة الخاصة بالمشاريع - Cranes, cranes and mobile towers for projects

Definition of the word crane

A crane is a machine of machines that helps in converting heavy things that a person cannot carry. These winches and cranes are equipped with rollers and wires, and these machines help to lift a heavy load of materials of various types and also help to reduce them, and they are used in all areas of construction And, which are used in the construction and building works of buildings to convert the materials used in construction operations, and these cranes are varied from what is fixed and attached to the ground, including what was installed on one of the vehicles that were specially made for specific purposes, and these cranes are controlled by The accompaniment of these cranes and this cabin contains an operator, or by pressing the button located inside the control station, rather that the operator of these cranes is the controller and is largely responsible for the construction site.

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Types of cranes and winches

Ceiling crane: This crane is used in enclosed places in factories and it is called this name because it is placed under the factory roof and moves according to the shape and length of the factory, so the roof and bridge crane are the same goals.

Crawler or Crawler Crane: This lever moves over the so-called track.

Bridge crane: This crane is generally used in open spaces, especially in marble and iron factories, as well as factories that need to lift loads to other places nearby, such as shipping and carrying things and transporting them to trucks and work to unload them, and this crane is used extensively in ports.

Tower crane: This crane is considered one of the best and most important equipment that is used in construction areas, as it helps these areas to carry the materials that need winches and cranes that lift them from their place to another place, and therefore the work is completed in a short time, and this crane must be installed Well before use in construction, and since most of the contracting companies do not have a team with experience in installing this equipment, you order a company that specializes in these matters.

The importance of winches

The winches are considered one of the important and basic elements that help in the completion of the construction process. These levers saved a lot of effort and time on humans, and their importance appears in that they contribute to increasing strength. By this we mean that they carry a large load by a small force, and these winches and cranes work on Zooming the distances by lifting the materials and moving them on the arm of the machine from small distances and moving them towards greater distances. Accordingly, they are similar in their work to the vacuum cleaner, and one of the characteristics of these levers is their great ability to avoid hazards and climate changes such as: toxic materials, heat and cold, how much These levers to exclude objects or forces from areas close to other distant regions Examples: that stalk the broom used in hygiene.

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