Data analysis of buildings

Data analysis of buildings?

Data science: The science of using computers and programming systems that are related to collecting data and information related to construction, as it is created to solve problems that encounter them during work, and that data science is known as the most interesting science and solutions to obstacles.


Data analysis: Data analysis constitutes a major axis in data science, the process of studying and examining the information and data available to the data engineer, with the purpose of extracting and collecting all data related to the construction that is being worked on so that all the materials needed for construction are known and which are the best of manufacture so that any defects that have occurred In the past, in order to develop construction in the future and maintain facilities.



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The stages of the data analysis:

1- Collecting data, then analyzing it and converting it into useful information, in order to deduce the information that helps in answering the identified questions.

2- Careful accuracy and small details when discussing the data collected during the research.

3- It is preferable to collectively implement and plan data to diversify opinions in order to obtain the accurate analysis.

4- Linking the facts or matters that were identified by analyzing the data with the preliminary indicators, taking into account all the information obtained during the data collection.


Site analysis before architectural construction: It is an important first stage for construction operations, as it specializes in studying everything related to the construction site, from weather factors, geographical factors, soil quality and history in terms of humidity, and knowing the entire infrastructure of the place.


The process of designing a building or site takes place in several steps:

1- Determine the problems that specialists can face during construction and find preliminary solutions to solve them.

2- Plan and analyze the site on which construction is being built, with preliminary problems being solved.

3- Knowing the initial layout design of the site, and knowing the initial cost of the site.

4- Putting more than one proposal for making the plan and calculating their data in terms of cost.

5- Choose a basic plan, make documents, and put the necessary data for building construction on the site.

6- Occupying the site and starting construction according to the data collected.


The importance of the process of data analysis on buildings:

It is used in collecting everything related to the building and its surroundings and knowing the legal, natural and physical properties that pertain to the place where the construction is taking place. The data analysis process also helps in knowing the distance maps, determining the infrastructure of the place, and the analysis process also helps in determining the heights and dimensions that must be adhered to With it, the process of collecting data before starting construction helps to know the state of the climate in the region, so taking the necessary precautions in the form and tools used so that the construction continues for large periods of time.


The data analysis process also helps to explain and clarify the relationship between construction and the cause of a phenomenon. Being able to visualize matters and events and get clear answers to specific questions.



تحليل الداتا على المباني 2


The characteristics that a data analyst should possess:

1- He must have creativity and passion in his work, and the constant pursuit of development by himself and the development of his work.

2- To have the curiosity to know what is new from the materials used in construction.

3- Accuracy in his work, and to be highly interested in the details.

4- The ability to formulate data in a simplified manner and deal with numbers.

5- To be familiar with engineering skills and familiarity with everything related to engineering and construction.


Finally, the process of data analysis on buildings is an important process as it enables engineers to predict all the basic materials they need for construction, and avoid any side factors that could harm the site by analyzing and collecting data on the place.

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