What is democratic design and its impact on architecture?

Democratic thought and its effects on architecture is a process that reveals symbolic representation, from which the collective imagination of progressive society emerges, as it expresses individual genius. Let us know the meaning of democratic design and its impact on architecture.

We can say that it is the effects of architects of the developments of modern open-minded, and this is what Sullivan put forward in all his writings on American architecture, and this is what we find in the skyscrapers with huge technological structure and abundant decorations and the controversial architectural expression.

ما هو التصميم الديمقراطي وتأثيره على العمارة؟ - What is democratic design and its impact on architecture?

How can architecture be democratic?

  • When architects design buildings, their buildings do not engage in politics, vote for it, or provide money to politicians who campaign to spread their principles, but simply include a variety of human activities, including political activities, but can be democratic or fascist Or Communism, even if it was designed by an architect active in democratic politics.
  • The foundations of democratic design are rooted in the values ​​and principles of democracy that are based on collective and shared partnerships between members of one society, so that they can make a single decision in various fields, far from central positions and sovereignty to a large extent in all sectors of society.
  • Sometimes some rulers used the architectural designs of buildings to glorify their political and other activities, and these buildings were later used for completely different ideological activities. For example, many government buildings, especially in the United States of America, which are copies of Greek and Roman temples, but What happened inside these buildings was precisely American-style democratic politics.
  • Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright mentioned the design of democratic architecture, and yet they engage in dramatic rhetoric or so-called amateur philosophy, which is what famous architects often do.

What is the goal of democratic architecture?

ما هو التصميم الديمقراطي وتأثيره على العمارة؟ - What is democratic design and its impact on architecture?

  • The goal of democratic architecture is the reform centered on the immediate gratification of residential occupancy, as it forces us to confront each other The other one is by stretching through a “blank place image”.
  • And that confrontation may be through the general structure, the aesthetic qualities, and removing these characteristics in general, based on the costs of these buildings.
    Architects design comfortable housing for low-income people, so we can consider this a democracy, yet they perform technical skills instead of political skills, and for this there must be a relationship linked to politicians, who want to create a different societal view that expresses them.
  • They suggest that in this case engineering is a reallocation of property or equality between members of society, architecture will also be equal if it is designed to deal with its unequal occupants more equal than they would treat in most buildings, the architect can be praised on the basis of equality who designs buildings An office in which clerical workers receive the same size as employees with the highest status and this will achieve a great equality between others.

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We can judge the strategies of processes to make architecture democratic, as well as urban democratic planning for engineering, so these things must become more important in the twenty-first century, because our age is the era of unprecedented and advanced urbanization, and therefore we face planning challenges, where the pursuit of the concept of democracy is nominal in Building facing new challenges around the world.

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