Design and implementation of cafes

A long time ago and the culture of cafes is spread all over the world, they are quick and comfortable sessions that reflect a pleasant mood for the visitor before his work or at or at any time of the day, spending a few hours sipping what dictates his mood at that moment and leaving to leave the cafe in receiving a new customer, and at the present time Café ideas multiplied, services provided more than before, and culture spread to impose itself in every neighborhood and street. In this article, we will review the most important basics of Design and implementation of cafes.

Designing and implementing well-thoughtful cafes is one of the first reasons for its success and attracting the largest number of customers to it, the design success begins from the first facade on which the eye falls upon entering any cafe so that the top cafes have become distinct and circulated among people with their design, colors and ideas that distinguish them, so it usually focuses The first thinking for people who are about to invest in this field is choosing to design and implement cafes with perfect mastery and high quality.

There are several basics that must be taken into consideration when designing and implementing cafes, given that the primary goal of their creation is to achieve profits, which requires attracting the largest number of customers to them, which requires a high-quality design that everyone feels different and distinguished in addition to psychological comfort.

تصميم وتنفيذ المقاهي - Design and implementation of cafes

Basics of designing and implementing effective cafes:

  1. The exterior design of the café is a milestone in promoting it well and attracting attention to entry and experience, as the exterior design includes several things that must be focused on, such as the location, area, facade and shape of the doors that are in line with the name and culture of the cafe.
  2. Also taking into account the space in the interior design and the elegant distribution of the seating chairs that do not contradict the corridors, taking into account the non-overlap between the seats until the visitor feels privacy.
  3. Decors and accessory parts are also a key feature of designing cafes that add elegance and luxury to the venue, so be careful when choosing them so that the visitor feels fun.
  4. Also choose lighting that is appropriate to the nature of the place and time so that customers are not disturbed or distressed while in the venue.
  5. The design of the entrances, especially the reception areas, in a modern way that attracts the attention of customers.
  6. Focus on ventilation systems when designing to prevent overheating in the restaurant or cafe, and to ensure optimal distribution.

تصميم وتنفيذ المقاهي - Design and implementation of cafes

Interior design tips for a cafe

To ensure the customer’s return over and over to the café, which is the primary goal, the café field is characterized by high competition, so the interior design of the restaurant puts engineers and designers in a big challenge to highlight their technical capabilities and architectural touches in making the café an approved place for customers, here is a set of tips that designers can rely on in designing cafes :

1. The simplicity of design:

Cafes do not need sophisticated styles in decor or interior furniture, simplicity is required and basic furniture is required, with a bit of ornament. It is a fast rotating place in the sense that its customers quickly enter and exit. In addition to that, the interior design of the coffee shop is streamlined, using minimal separations, so that people are not confused in choosing a place to sit.

2. Furniture:

Provides functional chairs with quick use, with a few comfortable chairs for slow use

3. Choose quality over quantity

It is important to note that high-quality furniture will be more cost-effective in the long run, such as choosing chairs and tables made from high-quality materials such as solid wood and metal. You should also pay attention to the material used, to ensure that it is thick and strong enough to last. Always check furniture structure, durability and strength before purchasing to make sure it is safe and durable. Even if that means cutting the number of tables, when it comes to furniture, you should prefer quality over quantity.

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4. Illumination

One of the most important elements for the convenience of customers is the perfect lighting. Tasty drink, good service, beautiful interior design can not make up for the discomfort caused by bright lighting.

Good lighting includes a mixture of daylight and electric lighting. Daylight is inherently the most comfortable, and the task of electric lighting is to mimic it. This combination is essential to get magical lighting.

5. Windows

While dark, dimly lit underground cafes are a good example for a certain evening at night, they are not a good option when it comes to morning coffee. The sun’s rays leave customers with a positive and optimistic impression of the day, while a picture of the outside world gives them a way to escape from their room. Whether it is very eye-catching or an opportunity to see people. Visitors to your restaurant will love the sunshine.

6. Spatial space

The spatial space must be in line with a specific personal character. For example, if your place is a meeting place for friends, make sure to provide a sufficient number of rooms for groups. Your place to hang out, make sure to provide comfortable seating and perfect lighting.

7. The smell of the place

We all love the smell of coffee during preparation, so be sure to provide this matter to customers, but reasonably, so as to stimulate the feeling of air more, and not be overshadowed by the smell of perfumes, air fresheners, or any artificial scents.

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