Dining tables, shapes and tips when choosing

Dining tables, shapes and tips when choosing them – the look of the housewives has changed from the dining room. In the past they did not take care of them but now it means the destination for them and their choices that indicate tenderness and elegance in their taste.

How to choose furniture for the dining room

When we go to pick some furnishings, we have to observe the precise rules and standards that work on the balance between the basic function of stone and luxury, and in order to help me take advantage of all the space in the room, there is no overcrowding and there are not many blanks of this furniture.

The dining table is one of the basic elements in the room. When selecting it, the size of the room must be determined according to the sizes that the table is available. This is what some people overlook when they forget to put the room’s space and its dimensions into account, so they bring a dining table that is larger than required.

Also you must take into account the forms of tables in order to suit the various furniture inside the room, there are several forms of tables, including (square, rectangular, oval and circular), and there are also other pieces of furniture such as (buffet, showcase and console).

How to coordinate the dining room

This is proportional to the choice of the table itself. Some homes have a dining room open to the living room, so when choosing their own décor they must be extended to the living room in order to be appropriate.

Or when the choice of the table in its modern form must be consistent, then the color or choose two different colors.

But the tables are old-fashioned. We must choose the assisted furniture accurately and be one shape and one decorations so as not to disturb the balance between the room furniture and others.

When choosing seats, the shape of the seats should be suitable for table decor and also be comfortable to provide comfort during the food and not to choose other designs that are not practical.

Be sure to use mirrors in the dining room, as mirrors add a subtle aesthetic feeling when eating.

If there is space inside the room after the presence of basic furniture, it is possible to put an auxiliary piece of furniture to add elegance to the room, such as a small round vase that is on one side of the room, so that it can be helpful if food is cut on the table.

Put a cupboard of clean dishes or silverware in order to use the dishes directly from inside the room so that we do not transfer them from the kitchen to the room.

To add an aesthetic view in the room, you can put some expressive paintings, if you like classic or modern art.

Things to avoid when choosing a table

  • Take care to find a table with durable materials that tolerates all factors and not to run behind modern furniture that contains poor materials.
  • Tables with sharp and pointed edges should not be used, as they are dangerous for adults and children.
  • Tables with loose glass shapes should not be chosen so as not to harm anyone.
  • Lack of choosing complicated table overlays in the colors so as not to disturb the room balance.

Forms of dining tables

Tables of food are many forms, and according to the special taste, for example, who buys them.

  • If the room is narrow, we work to choose circular and oval tables in order not to take up more space from the room.
  • When there is a narrow room, it is possible to use tables that can be folded and opened when necessary, so as to save space.
  • Square and rectangular tables are chosen in the spacious room.

How to maintain a dining room

You should always take care of the room and not neglect it, and be sure to wipe the dust from the furniture pieces to make sure that the table is painted, and the food is not eaten before placing the bedding on top of the table even if food falls on it falls on the mattress and not the table.

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