• Exterior Design Tips

Of course you realize that it is time to upgrade your home’s exterior and you are sure to realize that balancing colors and matching shapes and lines is no easy task at all.


Exterior Design Tips
Exterior Design Tips


  • What do you do to get a more visually appealing exterior?


A stunning home that makes you in awe of its uniqueness is not a once in a lifetime idea,

but rather the result of long planning and compliance with essential exterior design lessons.

The great thing about this process is that you get creative, while following a few exterior design tips to make your project visually appealing.


Exterior Design Tips
Exterior Design Tips


  • First: You must define your purposes


Think about your needs and the needs of your family, it is important to have a home that matches the exterior of the interior.

For example, if you are an artist and dream of owning your own drawing workshop, you should think of large windows to give you access to natural light.

Always keep in mind that the inside and the outside are connected, and that the connection between them must be felt and visible.


  • Second: Choosing materials and textures


The exterior design usually provides a lot of space for excessive décor, which is why materials and textures play the central role, and you need to choose them carefully.

This task will require some balanced effort, this time in the direction of using something permanent and visually appealing.

The choice always goes from wood to steel, and it is not difficult to find and combine the right elements.

We do not advise you to make decisions without consulting an architect, because outdoor materials are expensive.


Exterior Design Tips
Exterior Design Tips


  • Third: Active windows


Windows are supposed to be beautiful and match the rest of your décor, but the priority should always be for their reliability and durability.

There are few types of windows that meet aesthetic and practical requirements,

for example, picture windows, door, hatch and arch, double-hung, and sliding windows that provide more ventilation.


  • Fourth: the balance between symmetry and shape


Well executed projects in exterior design always require shapes to be balanced and symmetrical.

Both principles play a very important role when working on a façade, which should look beautiful and carefully planned.

You can look for a completely symmetrical solution (for example, as in the case of homes in the state of Georgia, the door is centered with windows on both sides evenly).

Balance can be achieved by using dormer windows and evenly spaced ceiling lines.


  • Fifth: the use of colors in the exterior design


How could someone make an instant decision with all those amazing colors to choose from?

Not only do the colors look beautiful, but they must stand the test of time, masking imperfections in a way that they become completely invisible.



  • The process is difficult, isn’t it?


In this case, the safest way to choose colors is to select a single color strip, and to choose shades that are far from that strip.

Ideally, there should be a lighter shade of the body and a darker shade for the finishing.

The third color may not be desirable, but you can use it for marking doors and windows.

Finally, the ideas are endless, but the outward appearance should be practical and permanent,

and this does not mean that you have to sacrifice the reflection of your personal style.


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