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Ultra-luxury Harmony Resort

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منتجع هارموني فائق الفخامة ultra-luxurious Harmony Resort

Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

The ultra-luxury Harouni Resort is one of the most enjoyable places that owners go to in Jeddah to spend family gathering times and serenity. This resort is located in the middle of the desert, north of Jeddah, on an area of 100,000 square meters, where the visitor can escape from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an ultra-luxurious atmosphere through and through the architecture and architectural identity assigned to the owner and visitors who demand the best, covering all these requirements. It requires merging with the taste of the high-end owners, always hearing words like (ultra-luxury and something never seen before) all of which are not impossible in architecture.

Public site (Landscape design)

By providing the required spaces for the owner and the guests, this resort offers a package of architectural options. Such as playgrounds and family parks in the middle of the desert. Each piece in this resort and the landscape expresses a single identity and a gradation that briefly indicates one signature. Which is a unique building and planning project that touches the feelings.

The resort’s ultra-luxury building design

While working on the cadastral program and the architectural requirements required of the owner. We found that the building must be very strange and challenging. The idea of sand dunes has become used in architecture. And in order to gain a new spirit and a unique organic architectural design method, two main elements were taken, which are the area inner garden, roundabout area, and car reception.

Indeed, here in these two regions, we can develop all the architectural data within an ultra-luxurious framework. We have produced the shape of the chalet building so that it is ready to receive guests within an area capable of accommodating 160 people in complete comfort, with the possibility of adding an internal and external area for visitors and enjoying the winter and summer atmosphere because architecture It pays attention to every detail, and the restrooms are designed to provide a visit and an interesting architectural passage between the curves of the interior.

Architectural design of the architectural block

By creating a repetition of an architectural element and geometric curve, we coordinated a gradual pattern for the architectural structure. And developed a system of elevations for this item in accordance with the general perspective. And to give height to the high ceilings of the resort.

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